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montaguemonkey Fri 25-Feb-05 20:52:38

Hello there,

My husband looks after our 15 month old dd and I work full time, just wondered if anyone else out there was in the same position and how they found it?


expatinscotland Fri 25-Feb-05 20:54:29

I am, Montague. My husband has been a SAHD to our 20-month-old DD since she was 2 months old and loves it!

LGJ Fri 25-Feb-05 20:54:35

Well to be honest and I am not beign rude, there is a party in full swing on another thread, you may struggle to get a reply tonight.

If you get a few replies or you would like more, dont forget to bump.

LGJ Fri 25-Feb-05 20:55:54


meant being, I only popped in to the party to say hello, didn't even have a drink

Slink Fri 25-Feb-05 20:56:19

Hi Dh did when for dd in the first yr but i wanted to do it so we changed. He loved it though, and even now they have their time. Good for your dh.

MancMum Fri 25-Feb-05 21:16:27

my dh is also SAHD and loves it... think he finds it hard when out a parent and toddler groups as they are ususally mother and toddler groups and women norammly sitting in circle bitching about their husbands so he feels a bit excluded.... but the time he has spent with kids makes up for it..

singsong Sat 26-Feb-05 11:07:04

Dh is not a full time stay at home dad but he has gone part time at work and spends more time at home than me. We both used to work full time and he used to have to commute to the city which made his day even longer. When ds was born we decided we couldn’t both work such long hours. I have gone back to work full time and he quit his job and got a more local one which is 3 days a week. He could stay at home full time if he wanted but he decided that he would like to get out into the work environment for a few hours. He loves his time at home with ds.

WideWebWitch Sat 26-Feb-05 11:09:15

My dp was a sahd from April last year until 2 weeks ago. He liked it and I liked working full time outside the home so it suited us all round. When I find a contract or perm position we'll swap again.

hercules Sat 26-Feb-05 11:16:16

We're a little different. DH works nights and looks after ds and dd 3 days a week. I'm hopefully getting 4 day job so he can go parttime.

Blackduck Sat 26-Feb-05 11:23:40

Dp works two days a week and has ds the other three...he's fine with it.....(I work full time...) this wasn't planned dp only worked two days a week before I had ds. It works for us (although he doesn't do the cleaning/cooking etc!!)

dinosaur Sat 26-Feb-05 14:05:13

My DH is a SAHD and has been for five years now, ever since I went back to work after having DS1. We've got three boys now, so he's quite busy...

montaguemonkey Sat 26-Feb-05 15:16:04

Dinosaur - sounds like that works very well. Can I ask when you had maternity leave with your other two boys did it make life much easier for you as you were both around? I have just found out I am pregnant again and hoping dh being at home should make it quite good fun!


dinosaur Sun 27-Feb-05 17:57:56

Yes, it does make it a lot easier when you're both around!

HappyDaddy Sun 27-Feb-05 22:29:46

I'm a SAHD to a 9 month old girl. Love every second of it.

slug Mon 28-Feb-05 10:00:07

My dh is a SAHD to our 3 year old and has been since just after her first birthday. It's been the making of him quite frankly.

montaguemonkey Mon 28-Feb-05 12:36:08

Yes, I would agree, my dh has really come out of his shell since being a SAHD and because I was at home at the beginning then I know how stressful it can be and do not come home expecting the house to be tidy and ask what he has done all day (just as well about the house really!!)

slug Mon 28-Feb-05 13:29:29

Yeah, we agreed his job was child care, not housework. With that in mind, any housework he does get around to doing is much appreciated by me.

tarantula Mon 28-Feb-05 13:34:52

Hi My dp is a SAHD too and he loves it. He was made redundant when dd was 6 mnths so took over when I wnet back to work. Im very lucky too as hes really good at housework and cooking so quite often will ahve dinner ready when I get in. He keeps the house much tidier than I would

alicatsg Mon 28-Feb-05 15:24:02

Yep my DH is a househusband (as long as that job description doesn't include housework or laundry) and has been since ds was 6 months old. He loves it and does a great job (ds is 16 months).

I have a v stressful job that I couldn't do without knowing ds was looked after in a flexible way so iot works for us. I do get pissed off that after working and commuting I still have to tidy up toys, load the dishwasher etc but thats life. DH cooks fantastically well which used to be my hobby but now I feel a bit edged out of that but have accepted that I can't do everything.

Only time it falls apart is when DH tells me how to look after ds. then I get bad mother blues.

How are you finding it?

DaddyCool Mon 28-Feb-05 15:54:00

i wish i was a SAHD. i really do. i think i would do OK at it and get alot more satisfaction out of it as i do out of my career. i don't think it would be easy but i think i would suit it well.

alicatsg Mon 28-Feb-05 16:52:56

did I say it worked well? DH has just called to confess that he gave ds his first taste of icecream today and now ds has a completely dodgy tummy, and has liberally splattered his bed and toys in tummy juice. Wonder who'll clean that up....

montaguemonkey Mon 28-Feb-05 20:47:19

Glad to see it isn't just me who works full time and then comes home and cleans! Luckily I have always been so bad at cooking that dh always cooks! Also, as I am a teacher I have fabby holidays which means I do get to spend a bit more time with dd and do not feel like such a bad mum!


melbob Mon 28-Feb-05 21:01:05

My DH is a full time sahd to our 7 month DS. He is fantastic at it and he and DS seem to have a great time (most days!). He runs the house and has visibly grown in confidence since he took over. I miss them both in the day but am very lucky that I know DS is safe and happy. Frankly DH is better at the SAH bit than I would ever be

treacletart Mon 28-Feb-05 21:29:14

My brother's been doing it for 6 years, their dd is 6 is ds2 - It works well for them because he's a musician and his dw has a grown up job so it made sound financial sense. He has Fridays "off" so he can do his music. He didnt know many guys in the same position to begin with, but now I think its far more usual and also a lot of his muso mates have followed him into SAH parenthood. IMO he overachieved/stressed a bit in the begining - He certainly felt the spotlight and the pressure were on him - He's always been a great parent but now he's a lot more relaxed. I've got much closer to him since we both became parents and talk most days, in a way I suppose many women might with their sisters (we don't have any sisters).

stitch Tue 01-Mar-05 09:00:16

my dad looked after my sis from three months till she was about eighteen months old. i was three, big sis five. i dont think the term sahd was around in 1976. mom still did laundry and most of the cooking.
worked for them. cant see dh ever doing it though

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