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how do I solve my cold toddler waking up in the night?

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WheresTheAuPair Sat 20-Sep-08 07:27:52

He won't stay under the covers and wakes up in the early hours freezing cold! (Our house is like a bloody fridge at the moment).

I put him in a vest and thick pajamas as well as a put a duvet under the bedsheet as well as one over him. He's such a wriggle bum that he doesn't stay under it for long tho.

Can you buy all-in ones with feet for toddlers?! or what does everyone else do!

Olipop Sat 20-Sep-08 07:29:20

Yes you can! I think I got mine at Mothercare and Primark. Big fleecy zip up baby grow type things. Brilliant - could do with one for me!

josben Sat 20-Sep-08 07:31:35

GROBAGS have been brilliant for all my dc's - like a baby sleeping bag, keeps them snug all night

WheresTheAuPair Sat 20-Sep-08 07:35:19

I used grobags until he was about 16 months- after that there was NO WAY he was going in them! They were fab tho- if only i could persuade him these days that he would stay nice and toastie....they were fab when he was a baby.

Oo thankyou will have to look in mothercare then- primark a hassle to get to from here sad

If i put his socks on then he takes them off. bless him he was freezing at 4am today.

chloemegjess Sat 20-Sep-08 07:39:01

Could you not just put the heating on? Or get just a little heater for his room? We have borrowed an electric oil filled radiator thing from my mum as we wanted DD to be warm but didnt want the bills of having the heating on everywhere?

sammybeth Sat 20-Sep-08 07:42:45

You can also get those thick fleece all-in ones on e-bay for a reasonable price, they look really warm and cosy.

WheresTheAuPair Sat 20-Sep-08 07:44:39

Our theromostat doesn't work at the moment so its either boiling or freezing if the heatings on!

Hadn't thought of an oil filled one tho- that might work to solve the problem (on a timer). I'll have a look and see how much they are.

The temperature is ok til about 4/5 then it gets freezing. There is no insulation in the loft either but as it is a rented house and we are moving in the spring its not worth doing imo.

sammybeth Sat 20-Sep-08 07:46:00

that sounds like our house!!

WheresTheAuPair Sat 20-Sep-08 07:46:49

oo just did ebay/mothercare search- thanks everyone. Don't know why I didn't think of that! (duh)

Elf Sat 20-Sep-08 07:47:15

I second the gro-bag option. I thought everyone used them these days. Mine have used them up to the age of about three and even ds at four and a half when we are camping etc.

You can get nice thick winter ones, two tog I think, and also dress them up as much as you like underneath. hth

WheresTheAuPair Sat 20-Sep-08 07:52:06

I loved my grobags but DS just won't go in them. He likes to wriggle around too much i guess.

sammybeth its a real pain isn't it! also there are no interior doors downstairs so all heat whooshes upstairs...and goes through the loft grr. I normally rig up a thick blanket in the doorway downstairs which helps bit gives us a Bedouin feel somewhat! Its also boiling hot upstairs in summer (grr) so you can't win.

sammybeth Sat 20-Sep-08 07:53:12

Another idea you can buy character(eg dora,thomas) sleeping bags (not gro-bags) and maybe put him in that and then a duvet over the top. Being a character one he will prob want to go in it.

sammybeth Sat 20-Sep-08 07:55:24

it certainly is a pain our heating only comes on when it wants to which is a nightmare in the winter but its going to cost a fortune to fix so like you we all have to wrap up warm as it gets colder. Trouble is if it decides to work one night we wake up sweating lol

AH! I have the solution. I had the same problem with dd kicking off her duvet all the time. You need these duvet clips possibly two sets. I have them on dd's bed and they work really well.

WheresTheAuPair Sat 20-Sep-08 08:01:55

yep sounds like ours! the timer is really dodgy so it might randomly come on during the day instead. also its so bloody noisy that if it comes on in the early hours it wakes everyone up! (argh!)

Hmm might give the sleeping bags another chance. might pay mothercare a visit today. DS loves Peppa pig but all the darn branded stuff is pink!! DH will have a fit if i come home with a pink sleeping bag for him lol. grin

WheresTheAuPair Sat 20-Sep-08 08:02:48

*DANCESwithLordPottingtonSmythe * that is ingenious!- do they acually work?

Yes they do! I only use mine to stop her kicking the cover off hers but I reckon if you had one near the top and bottom it would keep the duvet in one place enough that he wouldn't be able to wriggle right out of it! It's worth a try!

sammybeth Sat 20-Sep-08 08:17:25

DANCES they are a great idea i think i might also get some of these now its getting colder. Also WHERESTHEAUPAIR have you tried next for peppa pig stuff they do a boy version with george from peppa pig. bedroom stuff and clothes.

WheresTheAuPair Sat 20-Sep-08 08:21:34

thanks sammybeth i'll try that. It seems such an oversight to only do the Peppa stuff in pink! He loves dinasaurs too lol.

Just ordered duvet clips too- i will solve this!!

Also have new baby arriving in next few weeks- the last thing i want is them both up though the night!!

sammybeth Sat 20-Sep-08 11:53:28

My ds age 2 loves peppa pig too and wants the stuff even though its pink so i got him some from next instead. Hope all the tips solve the problem especially with a new baby on the way.

kitkat9 Sat 20-Sep-08 15:19:02

this is what he needs - you could see if American Amazon will deliver to the UK, or do you have someone in America who could get if for you?

I have one for my dd (19m) and it is fantastic. She loves wearing it, it's soft and cosy, and because her feet come out the bottom she doesn't feel restricted by it. She also knows that when the 'baggie' goes on, it's time for bed!

2point4kids Sat 20-Sep-08 15:25:02

How old is he?
Primark do the all in one fleece sleepsuits up to age 3-4 years. My DS has one!

sazzerbear Sat 20-Sep-08 16:07:10

What about a starter duvet set that zips up?

WheresTheAuPair Sat 20-Sep-08 16:32:46

sazzerbear that is ingenious!

he is 2 in November but very tall so in 3-4 age clothes normally.

Hmm think i'll get a fleece all in one as a start and look into one of these- they look very snug smile

milkysallgone Sat 20-Sep-08 16:32:59

I would defintely recommend an oil radiator, we've got one for this exact purpose. I just turn it on fairly low in ds's room (the coldest in the house) and it just takes that chill off the air nicely.

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