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It's sick, I know...

(2 Posts)
Pirattitude Fri 19-Sep-08 17:47:27

I was just reading a thread that started talking about situations where the posters DC had thrown up on them. It reminded me of the time in a motorway service station going home after visiting relatives.
My DH had taken our DS, then 3, to the toilet and left me with our DD, who was then about 6 months old. Whilst I was on my own trying to feed her, the little love decided to throw up a whole bottle's worth of milk all over me!
I waited til DH came back and then made a mad, stinky dash to the loo, took off all my clothes and put on my long coat, which I luckily had, go back to our table, carry on eating and acting normal.
It was bad enough but then I ran into my old boss and her new twins wearing just a coat!

So, have you guys got any interesting sick stories to share?

brightwell Fri 19-Sep-08 18:01:25

My friends ds threw up all over her while she was breast feeding her dd in my living room. she handed me the baby, stripped down to her undies & went & a shower.

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