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God, just seen two 10 year olds smoking

(7 Posts)
MrsSnape Wed 17-Sep-08 17:29:47

Two kids in primary school uniforms crouched behind an empty house smoking (and actually smoking properly like they've been doing it for years.)

My DS is almost 10 and seeing this makes me feel sick.

OneLieIn Wed 17-Sep-08 17:30:51

Did you talk to them?

kama Wed 17-Sep-08 17:32:19

Message withdrawn

NotDoingTheHousework Wed 17-Sep-08 17:32:57

Message withdrawn

ParCark Wed 17-Sep-08 17:33:44

Message withdrawn

Cammelia Wed 17-Sep-08 17:42:48

I remember smoking No. 6 with my best friend when we were 10

cory Wed 17-Sep-08 19:04:14

Haven't seen this since I was at primary school myself.

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