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Phil & Ted doubles set up!!

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pollyh Wed 17-Sep-08 15:23:35

Hello. Was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on using my Phil & Teds buggy. I have a 15 week old little girl, who, due to her extrordinary legnth now sits up in the push chair (as she's too long for the carry cot), and a 22 month old little boy who sits in the doubles kit on the bottom. This arrangement works fine until the little man starts kicking his sister in the back and unclipping the buckles that hold the seat in place. I love my Phil & Ted, but not the hassle it creates when I have to make the 22 month old walk whilst having a paddy to avoid hurting his sister!! Does anyone use the buggy the other way around (eg. baby in the bottom doubles kit)? Any other suggestions also welcome. Cheers

lilQuidditchKel Wed 17-Sep-08 15:25:58


Have always put baby in the bottom!

My two DCs are only 14.5 mo apart, and from the time DD was 3 mo old, (DS then 17mo), the little one was sitting in the bottom. In my model you can unzip the sides of the bottom seat to allow it to recline a bit, which helped even more.


jeanjeannie Wed 17-Sep-08 17:20:45

gosh - you've got the same set up as me - A Phil & Teds with one VERY long 15 mth DD and a 22 mth old!!

I'm about to put DD2 into the bottom (of the doubles set up) and then keep DD1 at the top.

Apparently it shouldn't be used like that until 6 mths - but the drop down cocoon is so small I can't imagine many LOs that age still fitting in it!

2point4kids Wed 17-Sep-08 17:22:31

Have you got the sport version with reclining back seat? If so, it shpould be fine for the little one.

I've always put my eldest in the front and the baby behind! In fact it says in the instructions that heaviest must always go in front for safety. HTH

pollyh Thu 18-Sep-08 11:56:05

Thank you for your replies. We were told in mothercare that the biggest one has to go in the bottom, which always seemed a little strange to me. Anyway, putting them the other way solves all my problems. Thank you all.

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