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Please help! We need to boost by 18 year old nephew confidence! and help him find a job!

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ziopin Mon 15-Sep-08 09:23:51

He really lacks confidence!! He's been in college for 2 years (some music course) He's finished the course, but does not want to go to Uni, get a job or sign on the dole. He is scared that he will have to ineract with people.

It odd beacuse he's a bass gitarist in a band, and plays gigs most weekends, no problem with confidence there, but finds it difficult to talk to adults.

He's always been a very quiet child, never having many close friends, but he's such a lovely boy. I really want to help him out.

What can I do to help boost his confidence and any ideas about a job? !!

jollydo Mon 15-Sep-08 10:25:15

Could he do something which would involve working with children more than adults - maybe teaching them guitar or being involved in a music project of some sort? Might build his confidence a bit if he was in position where he had to help others / he was the expert.

Marina Mon 15-Sep-08 10:28:13

Did the college not offer him any kind of careers guidance? It seems a shame after two years on a music course.
Could he do studio work (engineering/recording?)

missingtheaction Mon 15-Sep-08 10:37:24

there is a big difference between not wanting/liking interacting with other people and not having confidence. If he doesn't want to interact with people he could get a job that doesn't need it.

My ds needed loads of help to get going - we kept saying 'go to an agency' but he didn't, we didn't think about how scary and wierd it would be for him. so i helped him write a cv, went to the first agency with him, he got the hang of it, and off he went. did loads of (crap) jobs for a few days on a temp basis and got a feel for what he does and doesn't like. No committment, didn't matter if he liked it and was good or hated it or was rubbish.

Now is back at college and doing 2 extra a levels, sorting out the problems himself. Needed some thinking time and growing up time.

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