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Bunk beds - minimum age limit & when do they start wanting their own room?

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cookiemonstress Sun 14-Sep-08 11:08:06

2 questions in 1. We live in 3 bed house. Have just put dds in same room together (3.5 and 22 months) as they seem to enjoy it and it's cut down the migration of toot from one room to the other. Also i like having a spare room I can --dump washing in--, use.

dd2 still in cot at the moment and am intending keeping her in there as long as poss! But long term was thinking about bunk beds. what's the earliest age you'd recommend bunk beds. Notice that all the ladders are fixed and concerned about dd2 climbing up and sky diving off them.

Owing to the fact we still haven't got round to it, we were planning to do up dds room but am concerned that we will do this and then they'll decide they want their own rooms. How long will they be happy to share for?

TrinityRhino Sun 14-Sep-08 11:10:03

I would put my 3 and a half year old in a bunk bed if I needed to

my 8 year old is now asking for a room of her own (is sharing with the 3 yr old at the mo)

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