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teething and calpol - how long?

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bluestripes Sat 13-Sep-08 22:45:36

DS has a molar coming through and it's causing him real pain - his gum has now got a black bruise on it where the tooth is about to come through. He's been really struggling with this one and been niggly and upset a lot. I took him to the doc who said his ear was red but that was prob due to the teething and just to give him medised at night and calpol during the day. My concern is that this tooth is taking a while to come through and he has been on calpol everyday for about the last week - So just wondering how many days in a row it's safe to use calpol for? What if it takes another week or so for the tooth to come through, do you think it's ok to give him calpol everyday for this long?

lauraloola Sat 13-Sep-08 23:07:12

I was under the impression you can give it for as long as you need so long as you dont go over the 24 hour dosage.

How old is your ds? Have you tried not giving it to him in the day or does it really help? We give calpol to dd for a few days after her jabs, it was a week for her first and we gave her gradually less each day so that she was ok with not having it.

bluestripes Sat 13-Sep-08 23:34:57

He's one - he seems to be better in the day than at night, I guess he is distracted in the day. So we are giving it to him at night mostly

HarryAndRon Sat 13-Sep-08 23:38:41

if you don;t want to always use calpol, then you could also try the 'teething granuals' in sachets. you can buy them in boots, and they are a herbal remedy.....contain camomile and something else to help soothe.

they are fabulous. did not discover them unilt I had my fifth baby, and so wish I could have used them on all mine. I even used them for him when he had bumps......worked right until he was 3yrs old!

zebedee1 Sun 14-Sep-08 12:15:01

I asked my Gp about this when I had been giving DS calpol and/or nurofen for 2 weeks due to a bugger of a tooth coming through. She said to use it for as long as DS needed it but without going over the recommended dosage of course. She said that the reason the pack says not to give it for more than 3 days (or something like that) without seeing a GP is that these medicines can mask the symptoms of some illnesses which need treatment - like ear infections for example.

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