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ds 5...hearing voices

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beansontoast Wed 10-Sep-08 21:33:10

A couple of times whilst i have been putting ds to bed and we are having a silent snuggle/lying in the darkness,ds has said 'pardon mummy?' 'was that you?...what did you say?' etc.He alwyas is adamant that he has heard me ay something....when i havent!

Tonight he was more specific...he said 'pardon..etc' and then said that he could hear 'quiet talking'...he asked if i could hear it and decided he could only hear birds outside, so it wasnt the neighbours in the garden etc .when i asked what the voices said he didint know, and he wasnt sure if it was a man or womans voice.

i have leapt straight to 'mental illness meets communicating with the dead' blaming myself and suspect it's all going to get worse form here on in. (im joking but only a bit!)

i am going to post this but have to dash off now so wont be able to read any replies untill tomorrow sometime...

i'd love to hear of anyones experience of this (part of me wants to hear that it's n...ooorrr...mal.)

beansontoast Thu 11-Sep-08 12:00:07


ConnorTraceptive Thu 11-Sep-08 12:03:04

could be tinnitus, always worse when in very quiet surroundings apparently

Threadwworm Thu 11-Sep-08 12:04:16

I very occasionally hear a voice briefly, just before sleep, or just on waking. It sounds quite clear, and not like it is in my head.

A long time ago when I was having psychotheraby for depression, I asked the therapist about it, worrying that it might be a sign of some problem.

He was utterly relaxed and reassuring about it, saying that it was a common near-sleep phenomenon. I suppose the beginning of dreaming, whilst still largely awake.

I never worried about it after that, and I'm sure you shouldn't worry.

ConnorTraceptive Thu 11-Sep-08 12:04:34

My ds heard a voice in the car the other week and a wise m-ner suggested this as a possibility. If he's not hearing specific words as such and just noise then I would say get his ears checked.

laweaselmys Thu 11-Sep-08 12:20:06

You can have hallucinations just before and just after you sleep, and their be nothing mentally wrong. Supposedly it is a relatively common sleep disorder where your dreams are out of sync with when you are actually asleep.

I think it's supposed to be rarer before sleep than after but still ok. I would get his ears checked and if they're fine, I still wouldn't worry unless it starts happening at other times!

beansontoast Mon 15-Sep-08 16:21:35

thanks for your posts folks.i have only just been able to log on and check this thread.

most appealing to me is the common near sleep phenomena fits with his long history of not actualy being able to fully drop off.

funnily enough a rl friend linked me to another thread on mumsnt on this matter....what a fab place this is smile thanks again x

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