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Slings - is what Im saying correct?

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Tinkjon Wed 10-Sep-08 21:01:31

Posted this earlier on another topic but realised it was probably better here...

Have been reading my way through the minefield of info about slings and want to check that I've got this right, if somebody could please confirm or deny!

1. Hip carriers are not good for any length of time (how long, btw? 20 minutes? 2 hours?)

2. Apart from back carriers, 2-shoulder carriers are the only ones you can use for a few hours at a time.

3. Mei Tai's aren't good for getting a baby in and out of quickly.

Is that right? Also, are there any slings where you can do a hip carry with 2 shoulders? If so, could I use that for a few hours at a time or are no hip carries comfy for a long time, 2-shouldered or not?

Thank you!

bambi06 Wed 10-Sep-08 21:04:02

wrap slings are good plus ive got a mei tai and find it easy.. try they can help big time or

Ceolas Wed 10-Sep-08 21:07:40

A lot also depends on the age/weight of the baby. I used to carry DD3 for hours at a time in her Hotslings pouch which is one shouldered (until she was about 4-5 months).

poppy34 Wed 10-Sep-08 21:11:16

if hotslings is like the the babasling I'd add 4 it takes stephen hawking to work out how to use the various positons and is the quickest known way to produce a baby tantrum

cmotdibbler Wed 10-Sep-08 21:12:55

1 - Depends on the weight of your baby. I used a ring sling to carry DS on my hip for about 6 months, and could do it for hours. By the time he was 14 or 15 months, I could only do it for 15 minutes to dash into the supermarkets.

2- again, depends on weight, but once they get big, you really do want to spread the weight out more than on one shoulder, so things that go over both shoulders and round you are best

3 - Depends what you mean by quick. I can get my toddler in and secure in the Mei Tai in 30 seconds. But its not ideal as a picking up and putting down sling - a ring or pouch are great for that.

I wouldn't imagine that there is anything that is going to make a hip carry really comfortable for a long time with a toddler. If its a matter of them being able to see everything, then you could use a Mei Tai in a high back carry (you put the waist strap under your bust)so then they see over your shoulder.

Tinkjon Thu 11-Sep-08 06:44:43

Thanks everybody. That's interesting about a high back carry so they can see over your shoulder, I hadn't thought of that (yes, that's why I wanted to use a hip carry). DS is almost 1, btw - no idea how much he weighs!! (now there's a 2nd baby for you )

My main problem is that I don't really know what I want the sling for. I definitely want it for when he's moany and whiny in the evenings whilst I'm trying to get dinner ready - he just wants to be carried then. I don't envisage using it for days out (I much prefer a buggy for that) but there are occasions when I might want to use it if a buggy isn't practical (eg. going to London on the tube, eek!)

cmotdibbler Thu 11-Sep-08 09:00:56

At 1, unless he is teeny, I'd try picking up a cheap MeiTai second hand on UKBabywearingSwap Yahoo group and see how you get on with that. It reduces the chance of fingers and feet in the cooking too.

Buying second hand means that theres little financial risk as if you don't like a particular sling you just sell it on again for much the same as you paid for it.

Tinkjon Thu 11-Sep-08 15:21:46

Thanks cmot - any reason for the Mei Tai over the Mei Hip?

LostGirl Thu 11-Sep-08 16:23:36

If you want it so that you can get on with cooking wtc and use both hands then a back carry in a mei tai is probably your best bet, as even if you have them in a sling on your hip then you still have one arm around them even though you are hands free which limits you slightly, also found that dd can make a good grab for utensils etc that I am trying to use! You can obviously use the mei tai for a hip carry as well at other times. Never seen a mei hip but imagine that just does the one position.

Snippety Thu 11-Sep-08 16:33:47

Hey Tinkjon

Have you tried:


There's loads of advice and most areas have a meeting where you can try things out and some a sling library where you can borrow a sling to try before you buy !

I made an expensive mistake buying a Mei Tai; my son hated it, the knots worked loose and I found the long ties really inconvenient for popping him in and out. I do know other people who love them though. I've got an Ergo classic which has been used every day since its purchase about 7 months ago (DS nearly 15 months now). It's comfy for long periods but it's not so good for them to sleep in IMO.

Best of luck ! smile

Orangesarenottheonlyfruit Thu 11-Sep-08 16:35:57

To confuse you even further, I would recommend a wrap sling. DD is 10 months (but huge) and I carry her in my didymos for hours, both on my back in the evenings whilst cooking etc and on my front around and about. If I want to be quick getting her out of the car and suchlike I pretie it then just slot her across my front, easy! (But I do admit I have been wearing her since she was tiny so am quite practised). Although, before you buy anything I second asking at either the or Big mama is brilliant and pretty much knows everything in the sling world, so can give you unbiased expert advice. HTH

I still carry my 4 year old in either a ring sling or an ergo.

Actually make that can carry, I'd only do it if he's knackered, but I can have him in the ergo for a few hours I guess.

He weighs 3 ish stone.

The ergo will do a two shouldered hip carry.

But I find a ring hip carry more comfortable.

I have an ergo new generation, which I think is very comfortable to sleep in as opposed to the classic. but that would be in a back carry (or front if little)

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