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How well do you need to know the parents before you let DC's go to play after school?

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overtoyou Tue 09-Sep-08 17:04:06

DS2 came out of school all excited today because "I'm going to X's House to play" this was the first either I or X's mum had heard of it and I have never spoken to her before. TBH I wasn't even aware who she was blush Anyway we had a quick chat and agreed that we'll sort something out for later in the week.

I'd prefer X came here, but suspect his mum feel the same way. It seems odd that we insist on people being vetted so much before they can work anywhere near our DC's, but we happily send them off on playdates/parties with adults we hardly know.

windyweather Tue 09-Sep-08 17:08:17

Maybe chat to her a bit more if possible and meet at park/other play area.
Its so hard you don't know what other people are like and worry constantley, I know I did when dd was in YR. I made sure I took home/mobile no and called after about an hour to check she was ok.
Good Luck. You could always put him off for a week or two.

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