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New baby and sleep problems with older children,

(5 Posts)
PetitFilou1 Sat 06-Sep-08 07:53:45

The problem is my dd (second child so middle one - she's just 3) - ds2 (8 days old) is not a problem with sleeping at night. Atm she is getting up every night and refusing to go back to bed until dh sleeps beside her on the floor. He is coming back to bed once she's settled but she inevitably gets up again (last night this was four times). Any help/suggestions gratefully received as we are both exhausted. I really need some sleep myself but dh is at the end of his rope so he is the one who is now asleep.

compo Sat 06-Sep-08 07:56:18

she is probably feeling a bit insecure atm
I would try to give her as much one to one as possible during the day
get your dh to take her out on her bike, to the park, to soft play while you stay hime with the baby and try to tire her out so she sleeps better maybe?
hopefully it is just a phase with baby coming

congrats by the way smile

Have you got family and friends who could help out? maybe take the older 2 out for the day so both you and dh can have a rest? take the baby for long walks while you do painting wit the 3 year old if the weather is still miserable?

PetitFilou1 Sat 06-Sep-08 08:02:55

compo She is definitely feeling insecure. Can't give her much one to one though as also have ds (4 1/2) tbh it is a bit of a struggle at the moment just getting through the day.

Dh is not keen to go out with both of them on his own - this will obviously have to change. He always tries to just take ds1 which is obviously far easier for him.

No family nearby except my sister who is 45 minutes away and has her own 2 year old. Mil has just left after a week and although was helpful in lots of ways (washing and ironing etc) did not offer to take the older two out on her own.

To top it off, we have dds 3rd birthday party today. Why we organised it for now I have no idea... And the weather is shitey

damadilemma Sat 06-Sep-08 09:14:13

wow sounds like you've got it tough. I think if I was in that situation I would have DH sleep on a mattress on the floor in her room so he can deal with her when she wakes without disturbing you, and hopefully get a bit more sleep himself by not having to go to and fro, and hopefully she will not wake so much if she knows he is there. I'd guess you would worry that it is storing up trouble for the future by getting her used to it, which might be the case. but having just done the new baby and 3 year old thing myself (and finally getting a bit more sleep 8 months down the line...) and looking back the way to get through it is to do whatever makes life easier at the time. and I would definitely pull in help from family and friends if at all possible.

JoyS Sun 07-Sep-08 09:22:44

agree with damadilemma, when 2yo dd wakes up dh or I get into bed with her or she comes into our bed and dh goes in hers. Not worth the struggle at this point, anything to get some sleep. DD2 is 7 weeks, in the first 2 weeks dd1 was up every night but now it is about once a week.

Hope that makes sense!

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