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Feel really stupid yet happy now...............

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trinityrocks Mon 21-Feb-05 21:10:42

Hi guys, I'm fairly new here and it has been great. Tonight I was getting down about the fact that all the washing that I've been doing is STILL piled on the kitchen table, like from 3 days ago..........ugh hate myself and stuff. suddenly needed the loo (happens about every 4 1/2 mins now that I'm into my 34th week lol) and thought RIGHT I'll put away some of the washing (the fact that really all my cupboards need sorting of old and non fitting clothes first has been making me not do it) but I'll put my little one's clothes away(her cupboards are alright) and I thought "I can't do that, she's sleeping" and I almost went to the loo without taking the clothes and then I stopped myself. [really proud emoticon]lol I did take her clothes into her room and I did turn the light on and I hung all her dresses up and sorted all the clothes into the correct drawers and she didn't even stir. When finished I tucked her in and switched out the light. I was feeling so liberated about stepping out of my usual depressed, self hating, getting nothing done routine that I then went to the loo, gave it a quick clean like it has needed for ages and then brought some washing down and out it on and tidied the kitchen up from the tea things, I feel soooooooo silly that this little breakthrough of putting my little girls clothes away when she was in bed has never occured to me before but also chuffed that now it has!!! I can only hope that this is a taste of things to come!!! I'm healing and starting to love myself again, allowing me to love my family also sorry to ramble on but I felt the need to somehow cement this feeling so it could grow
Thanks for listening

beansprout Mon 21-Feb-05 21:15:00

Oh I so know that feeling of achievement when I have got a few things done!! I had a very similar experience yesterday afternoon. I actually managed to sort out the washing, change the bed clothes and tidy despite having a baby that did NOT want me to put him down!!

Well done you!!
When are you due?

trinityrocks Mon 21-Feb-05 21:19:38

Congrats to you beansprout, I'm glad someone feels the same sometimes

I'm due on the third of April and my DD will be 5 on the 29th of March lol

stupidgirl Mon 21-Feb-05 21:32:52

Good for you

These kind of acheivements make such a difference to your esteem when you're feeling low, don't they?

beansprout Mon 21-Feb-05 21:33:53

Good luck - look forward to your birth announcement.

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