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Is it ok for DS2 to wear DS1's old shoes?

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Dragonbutter Fri 05-Sep-08 10:58:51

This is probably a stupid question.
But i spent a lot of money on nice shoes for DS1. 3 years on I'm wondering if i his brother can use them now he's just started walking?

FAQ Fri 05-Sep-08 10:59:44

the masses will say no - different shape feet/damage foot development.

However I would do it blush

Dropdeadfred Fri 05-Sep-08 11:04:14

i wouldn't

why can't ds2 have nice shoes bought for him too?

Dragonbutter Fri 05-Sep-08 11:05:08

because i'm skint.
i was working then, but not now.

seeker Fri 05-Sep-08 11:05:20

No. Feet are very different, and your ds1 will have moulded them to fit his feet. Don't do it.

Dragonbutter Fri 05-Sep-08 11:07:21

i've seen some lovely red leather startrites for him, but have to question where i spend my money right now.
i want to buy him some lovely shoes but need to absolutely sure the cost is justified.

Dropdeadfred Fri 05-Sep-08 11:07:42

children need shoes that fit them properly - sorry

Dragonbutter Fri 05-Sep-08 11:09:32

don't be sorry. i'd love to buy him the new shoes, and if you all think i should then i will. and i get to go shopping smile

PrimulaVeris Fri 05-Sep-08 11:21:45

I wouldn't do it

You don't necessarily have to have the eye-popping gorgeous shoes you've seen, just ones that fit properly and professionally fitted.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Fri 05-Sep-08 11:25:11

erm dd2 is absolutely not wearing dd1's old kickeers as i type because that would be wrong! much worse than spending another huge amount of money i dont have that could otherwise be spent on food when i have a perfectly good pair of boots that cost me £45 that she can wear for now hmm

though i did take her to clarks to be measured and her feet are the same size as dd1's hardly worn kickers and i do intend to buy her shoes when she is walking more.

DumbledoresGirl Fri 05-Sep-08 11:29:29

I put my children in their siblings' shoes if they are just occasional wear shoes eg trainers. But I know it is not the best thing for them and always get their main shoes (ie school shoes these days) new for them. Money is tight here too, but, for me, it was a promise I made to myself when they were little that I would not compromise on shoes.

Boyswillbeboys Fri 05-Sep-08 11:30:26

DS2 wore a pair of my niece's shoes - she had only had them about 3 weeks and had a growth spurt then suddenly couldn't wear them. I had his feet properly measured and they happened to be the right size and width so I think that was ok. He is 5 now and his feet do not seem deformed in any way to me smile. He has also worn an old pair of DS1's trainers which again were the right size and width.

Obviously it depends how worn the shoes are, if you can feel the indentations of the previous wearer's feet inside then I wouldn't.

PavlovtheCat Fri 05-Sep-08 11:30:29

I really dont see a problem with it, as long a they are the right size!

RubyRioja Fri 05-Sep-08 11:31:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Katisha Fri 05-Sep-08 11:31:49

Just to put the cat among the pigeons DS2 often wears DS1's shoes and his feet are fine.

Dragonbutter Fri 05-Sep-08 11:34:24

i had his feet measured the other day and he was the same width as DS1's shoes have always been. i can't find the shoes right now and think they might be in the loft.

tbh, i think i was very precious about DS1's shoes, and wondered if i was being overprecious about recycling shoes.

RubyRioja Fri 05-Sep-08 11:35:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dragonbutter Fri 05-Sep-08 11:35:39

they are likely to fairly well worn because for a 1 year old he only needed one pair of shoes.
do boys have party shoes?

Dragonbutter Fri 05-Sep-08 12:02:33

so we're up to about 7 against shoe recycling and 3 for.
any more opinions before i put the kids in the car and go shopping.

Boyswillbeboys Fri 05-Sep-08 12:02:59

I like the idea of boys having party shoes! My sons' party shoes are their trainers!!

FluffyMummy123 Fri 05-Sep-08 12:03:14

Message withdrawn

RubyRioja Fri 05-Sep-08 12:27:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cupsoftea Fri 05-Sep-08 12:31:48

Mine wear shoes handed down or new as needed - they have shoes for school, other day shoes, sports, walking boots, wellies, slippers, holiday shoes.... When a shoes fits another they can wear it.

mimster Fri 05-Sep-08 12:32:52

I really don't see a problem with it - provided, of course, the shoes are the right size. If they are and have still got wear in them, why would you not make use of them? Kids feet grow so quickly, so you may as well get as much use out of the shoes as possible.

Dragonbutter Fri 05-Sep-08 12:33:52

here are the shoes i want to buy him.

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