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Potty Training Novice Needing HELP

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JODIEhadababy Wed 03-Sep-08 11:20:34

DS1 is only 2 next week, but he getting in my nerves with his nappies, he hates wearing them, he hates having them changed, he hates them wet, he hates them dirty (OK he can have the last two).

Basically, what I'm trying to say is I know he is young (esp for a boy) but I think he's ready (And DS2 is only 9 weeks, surely it would be better to do it now, while he's 'easy' and not in 6 months when he's mobile!), also if it doesn't work I'll not persevere, just try again when he's older, but we are off on hols in 6 weeks and it would be nice to only have 1 set of nappies! wink

So, how do we go about this? What did you do? What was succesful, what wasn't? I have no idea where to start....

JODIEhadababy Wed 03-Sep-08 12:24:34


Tinkjon Wed 03-Sep-08 13:06:39

As you say, he is very young to think about this but if you're really wanting to give it a go then just take his nappy off and leave his bottom half unclothed if it's warm enough, so he can get to the toilet quickly. Leave the potty out somewhere where he can get to quickly, sit him on it at regular intervals, keep a supply of kitchen towel handy then sit back and just see what happens. This is what I did, anyway - no idea if there's a 'proper' way. To be honest though, I think you'd be very lucky to crack it in 6 weeks at this age. You never know though, it's worth a try! Good luck!

wishingchair Wed 03-Sep-08 13:19:21

I don't think it's too young. My DD1 had it cracked in a week at 25 months, DD2 the same but at 23 months. Both gave me an indication they were ready ... DD1 told me she wanted to wear knickers, I explained that would mean she'd have to wee in a potty and we went from there. DD2 was playing without her nappy on, she suddenly stood up and said "wee wee" and she'd done a tiny bit of wee on the floor. We then went to the loo and she did the rest there. I figured if she was that aware and was able to hold on, we could give it a try.

My tips are:

Put them in pants so they know the feeling of wet pants, plus they will also catch poo. Easier to clean a pair of pants than your carpet!

Get ready for A LOT of accidents, clear them up with no fuss but reward successes with big cheers, hugs, claps, etc

Don't confuse things with putting them in nappies for car journeys, trips out etc. Pants for awake time, nappies for sleep.

They won't tell you they need a wee just yet, so you will need to prompt and get them to sit on the potty/toilet regularly (every 15-30 mins).

Always worth a try I think. Good luck! x

JODIEhadababy Wed 03-Sep-08 13:23:25


Sounds like I have a momentous week ahead of me!!!

We shall see how it goes, now I need to go and buy some alot of pants! grin

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