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DD1 (3.5) just about to go through big changes, tips for helping her through?

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cookiemonstress Wed 03-Sep-08 10:02:33

DDs (3.5 and 2) are just about to go through some big changes to their lives. They are starting a new nursery next week and DD1 is also starting pre-school in the afternoons.

It wasn't planned to be this way but the new nursery has been late in opening (was supposed to open in June) and next week they both start their settling for the new nursery and DD1 also starts settling for the pre-school (which is in the same building - nursery will do wrap around care) To add salt to the wound, we are also going on holiday in 3 weeks time for a week (booked before this opportunity of nursery/pre-school option came up) and DD1 just started swimming lessons which are a new 'thing'.

I know all this change at the same time is not ideal and feel very aware that it's going to be a lot for dd1 especially to take in. Long run, it's all very positive, much shorter commute for everyone, DD1 gets to experience pre-school and makes friends locally but I want to support her as best I can in the transition. I have started to talk about it as I think she gets it (and her current nursery are helping with this) but she is quite a shy child in the beginning and takes time to warm up to things..

any advice? I am taking as much time from work as I can next week but that's about all I'm going to be allowed to take. What else can I do?

littlelamb Wed 03-Sep-08 10:08:03

My dd had a similar thing at this age as she changed from the nursery she had been at since 11 weeks to a new pre school. I felt incredibly guilty taking her away from her friends but it was for the best. I think the thing that has really helped is making sure you stay in contact wiht some of her friends from the old nursery- jnust get the phone nimbers or email addresses of a few of the parents and orgainse the odd get together. It has really helped. She still talks about the staffand all her friends and remembers her nursery very fondly, but at the same time has gone on to make lots of new friends at preschool. She did start preschool half way through a term which gave her the novelty value of being the 'new girl' and meant that the other children were very curious and keen to talk to her. I think just make sure she knows whats going on and make sure that she knows she can talk if she is having any problems.

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