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DD night away with ILs - is this mad?

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Hadeda Tue 02-Sep-08 21:46:31

My ILs are visiting at the end of the month. We are thinking of taking them to Yorkshire for a few days as they've never seen much of the UK. It would involve going up to York on Sat and back on Tues.

Here's the tricky bit. DH and I are going to a wedding on the Sat. We can't take DD (who will be just under 9 months) as it's a kids banned wedding. Plan has been for ILs to look after DD at home while we are at wedding.

But now we're thinking of sending ILs on ahead with DD on the train to York. They will all spend the afternoon and night there and we'll drive up from London early next day to be there asap.

DD and I will have spent all that week with ILs so she will hopefully be accustomed to them by then. But it would be the first time she has been away from both her parents (and longest time away from me). But she is a very easy going girl and has always been fine with other people. ILs don't know the UK at all (they're from South Africa), but could def manage a train etc.

Does this sound mad? As in, asking too much of both DD and my ILs? I'd like a second opinion before mentioning it to my MIL as I think she may feel obliged to say yes. And, TBH, haven't fully made up my mind about it either.


DontNeedAnything Tue 02-Sep-08 21:50:36

So your ILs would be in an unfamiliar environment (presumabley a hotel?)

And DD would be in anunfamiliar environment?

I think it would be easier (for both your ILs and your DD) if it was in your own home.

Can you travel to Yorkshire on Sunday?
Can you do Yorkshire (together) for the week before and do teh second week at home?

UniS Tue 02-Sep-08 21:52:58

IMHO its a bit much to ask of ILs. Where would they be staying in york? As you say UK is all new to them, let them explore without your DD. If they OFFER great but I'd not ask. staying at yours however, fine, home territory etc, friend on end of phone if they need back up etc... You will only be one day less in yorkshire and less stress all round.

Hulababy Tue 02-Sep-08 21:54:20

I think it might be better for you all to go after the wedding, together.

I think the fact that everything will be unfamiliar to all parties involved, it just might be too much.

Hadeda Tue 02-Sep-08 22:47:18

Yeah, I knew it was dumb - thanks for confirming!
Just that they only come to the UK once in a blue moon and then for as short as they can, mostly because they don't like it. So we wanted to show them it wasn't all just London and dirty tubes! Had found a sculpture park in Wakefield and museums in Sheffield that my MIL would love. Ah well, I'll think again.

(The earlier part of the week I'm spending with them in Italy visiting family, we get back to the UK on the Friday, so that's why we can't go any earlier.)

Thanks anyway!

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