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OMG, teens encouraging little kid to act sexual

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MrsSnape Mon 01-Sep-08 19:22:38

I have just been watching the teen boys from across the road (ranging from the age of 13 to 17). Two of them actually live there, the rest just hang around there.

Anyway in this area ALL kids of ALL ages seem to be free to just hang out on their own with whoever they like. So across the road 'hanging out' is also a little boy who is no older than 6 (my son is 7 and this lad looks alot younger). The first thing that made me look was this kid screetching "you fucking turd!" across the street. The sad thing is he still has a little baby voice, it sounded awful. Anyway I've just been watching them all again and this lad was getting his 'willy' out of his trousers and chasing the teens around to 'wipe it' on them. So they're all running around shouting "don't be gay!" and the kid is laughing his head off then one of them said to him "put it through one of the holes in the fence for a laugh" so of course, eager to 'fit in with the big kids' the lad goes and does this sad he them demonstrates "shagging the fence" (his own words). I swear this kid is 5, 6 years old at the most.

What would you do? the parents around here are NOT approachable unless you're resiliant to baseball bats and bricks etc.

MrsSnape Mon 01-Sep-08 19:23:50

The little lad is now shouting "Look at this, she gave me a shag bite! can you see it?"

MrsWeasley Mon 01-Sep-08 19:24:34

Thats dreadful.

I feel for you.

nickytwotimes Mon 01-Sep-08 19:26:02

How horrible.
I don't know what to suggest.
If you are worried for the child's welfare, you can call the local HV who will arrange a home visit. Or you can contact the community support team in your area.

MrsSnape Mon 01-Sep-08 19:26:53

I don't know where he lives I just know his name (only because of the older ones shouting of him)

pamelat Mon 01-Sep-08 19:40:01

Are you sure the parents are not approachable?
Maybe even really rough people would be concerned about older boys encouraging sexual behaviour in a child. It sort of touches on the macho-ness of the father, maybe?

Snippety Mon 01-Sep-08 22:48:03

This is dreadful. sad

I had an awful experience the other week at our local play area, which is becoming increasingly a haunt for local youths. There were several 10 to 12 year olds hanging about when I took my son for a quick play before meeting his dad from the train. They were all effing and blinding and then one observed that you shouldn't swear in front of a baby as he might repeat it. They then began imitating my son's little voice saying the most awful things:

"I'm a little w@nker!"
"F*ck off mummy you f@t b^tch !"
"mummy, mummy next stop is f*cky town !"
"I want a f*ck mummy!"
"I'm going straight back to hell mummy !!"
"Take me home you f*cking b^tch!"
after which they all were yelling "Yeah ! Go home, b^tch !"

I stood my ground without reacting, but inwardly I felt really vulnerable and scared. Luckily another couple turned up and they mooched off to play football at the sight of the man.

I was heartbroken my little lad had been subjected to that kind of thing - it seemed so sick and vicious. My DH was very angry and insisted that I report it to my community police officer. TBH I though it was a waste of time but he called straight back and discussed it at length with me. He recognised some of the lads I described and I think something has been said as I haven't seen them there for ages now. Do you have a community policeman or a local council youth worker you can report it to ? It sounds really abusive and horrible. sad

Pinkglow Tue 02-Sep-08 12:06:18

not quite the same but the other month in twon there was a young girl of about 4 with her parents and the girl had knee high boots on - they bumped into someone they knew (who was female) who said to the girl 'ohhhhhhhhhh I like you boots, their very sexy, I bet you feel really sexy in them' hmm

I thought surely a little girl is 'cute' or 'adorable' not 'sexy' and this was from a grown women.

Carmenere Tue 02-Sep-08 12:15:25

Oh MrsSnape i am shocked that is dreadful.
I would go out and challenge them and tell the little one to go home and tell his mum what they told him to do. No matter how lax their parenting they will not want this happening to their son.
Even if you get lip and abuse from the teens there will be one or two there that will know that this is wrong and hopefully the decency of the pack mentality will win out over the feral element. In fact i would ask which one of the older boys knows this child and then tell him to bring the child home.
Unless the teens look particularly dangerous or if you know that they have a record of violence it is always worth challenging this type of behaviour.
Imagine if you sent your son out to play thinking that the older kids were looking after him? You would want someone to step in. I know I would.

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