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Crawling - How long do you leave them to try?

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LuckySalem Sun 31-Aug-08 19:17:56

DD is trying to crawl but she knows that if she cries mummy or daddy will pick her up and bring whatever she wants over to her.

I want her to keep trying instead of just crying at us so how long do I leave her to try whilst wingeing (not crying)

She's worked out how to slide backwards and how to do her hands and she can lift herself up off the ground just hasn't got the legs bit yet.

cheesychips Sun 31-Aug-08 19:37:38

How old is she?

LuckySalem Sun 31-Aug-08 19:38:31

7 mo and 3 weeks (on weds)

Tutter Sun 31-Aug-08 19:38:49

as long as they need

spicemonster Sun 31-Aug-08 19:41:34

She'll do it when she's ready. My DS was nearly 10 months before he crawled well and he's not really walking properly yet and he's nearly 18 months.

Don't let it bother you - just revel in the fact that she's healthy and normal and figuring stuff out all on her own

RubySlippers Sun 31-Aug-08 19:42:52

erm - she is just getting the hang of it

it is probably a cry of frustration that she can't quite get there

she will surprise you and suddenly do it

LuckySalem Sun 31-Aug-08 19:46:29

It doesn't bother me if she does or doesn't do it but what I mean is where is cruelty? Frustration I can understand and will leave her alone to carry on but where is the line between leaving her to figure it out and being cruel cos she's upset?

RubySlippers Sun 31-Aug-08 19:48:27

you will know - a whinge of frustration or a full on cry because she has fallen on her nose

gut instinct will tell you what to do and if you think you should pick her up then pick her up smile

Tutter Sun 31-Aug-08 19:48:36

until she can crawl, you help her

[confused] at this being a quandry

When our DD was at this stage we were encouraged at Tumble Tots to help her by putting our hands under her feet to give her something to push against. We'd put a toy just out of reach then she'd get herself there by pushing against us. Don't push with your hands just let her use them. It did mean DD ended up commando crawling rather than "proper" crawling but without it, I think it would have taken her longer to get there

LuckySalem Sun 31-Aug-08 20:00:42

ok so if I want to run and pick her up that's ok. I was scared I was slowing her development cos I felt sorry for her and was too quick to help.

cat64 Sun 31-Aug-08 20:20:05

Message withdrawn

LittlePushka Sun 31-Aug-08 20:54:42

DS1 hateed beng on his tum it seemed and so we never really gave him much time on it!

DS2, (being a second child has to wait rather longer than his brother for everything) and after after a day or two (not continuous wink, he stopped mewling and started exploring. He loves it now.

Always turns over himself in his sleep to sleep on his tum.

theressomethingaboutmarie Mon 01-Sep-08 10:12:24

My DD is 11 months old and hates spending time on her tummy trying to crawl. She tends to do a few commando movements and rolls to get where she wants to go.

ummadam Mon 01-Sep-08 12:19:02

I used to get down on the floor with him when he was just frustrated and make him laugh - then he would try again for a bit. Now he is cruising I usually sit near him and when he whinges I suggest to him he comes for a cuddle and put my arms out. Sometimes he comes over but usually he just laughs and calms down.

LuckySalem Mon 01-Sep-08 12:46:44

thanks madam - will try that.

pamelat Mon 01-Sep-08 19:23:45

My DD is 7 months and 3 weeks on Thursday!

I am not a comparing type of mum BUT of the 16 antenatal babies, 9 are crawling.

I don't even want DD to crawl yet, as selfishly we are going on holiday as a family on Weds and I think I would find it stressful with her first crawling in a none home environment! Eeeek.

She wants to move but hates tummy time. Like yours, she cries and gets frustrated and like you, I pick her up pretty much immediately.

She loves sitting and I didnt crawl until I was 1 so will leave her be. When shes ready she will get down on to her own tummy?

Some babies never crawl. I think my DD may become a bottom shuffler smile

LuckySalem Mon 01-Sep-08 19:28:51

DD doesn't shuffle either she pulls herself up on our fingers and just starts walking and if your not quick enough to go with her she ends up on her nose.

Crawling would make it so much easier and less bruised. lol.

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