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Am I being unreasonable

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jojoisamum Wed 27-Aug-08 20:11:13

Because I feel so tired I can't think straight.

DH works from 5 pm until 1 am at the moment and will get home around 1.15. Initially this worked well as he did the 1 am feed if DS slept on long enough and then the 3.30 feed with me getting up at 6 am allowing DH to sleep on for as long as he needs.

I thought this was working fine but he said that DS makes so much noise in the night (we're in separate rooms) that I need to take over from the 3 am feed (which DH will do) because he gets too tired - he drives for a living.

Now I feel that I have DS 24/7 without any break. I thought that 8 hours sleep a night is enough for an adult but DH says not because his body clock is different due to the hours he works.

Am I being unreasonable to ask him to leave me to sleep until 6 am or should I cut him some slack given he drives.

Had a very teary day today and I know I need to go to bed now but it is only 8 pm but it is the first time I have had to myself all day.

At 8 weeks old DS doesn't sleep during the day and if he does it is for 45 minutes or so and that is only twice a day.

Sorry for whinging as I love DS to bits but it is hard.

cupsoftea Wed 27-Aug-08 20:14:02

Do you have anyone to help in the day? - make you some lunch, clear up, let you sleep?

Young babys are hard work - I co-slept & bf to be able to get some rest

jojoisamum Wed 27-Aug-08 20:43:45

No. I think that is half the battle. I don't have any family and DH's mum you wouldn't trust with a gerbil.

I've never really felt happy with the co-sleeping thing but don't know much about it either.

gingeme Wed 27-Aug-08 20:50:26

Your dh doesn't work on the underground by any chance dose he? Dh was working exactly the same shifts a few weeks ago and we were both so bloody tired we nearly seperated sad
Can he change his shifts at all?
dh now works the slightly earlier shift which means he starts about 3pm and finishes about 10 pm so he gets alot more sleep and even occasionaly I get a bit of a lie in too.
Give it a try.
Also if your body is telling you to go to bed at 8.30 then go to bed.
Night night smile

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