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leaving Kids alone in the bath....@ what age?

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3andnomore Tue 26-Aug-08 08:13:56

I am just wondering at what age other think it is o.k. to leave the Kids alone in the Bath?
My ms is 5 1/2 , will be 6 beginning of November and my ys just turned 4.
They bath together and yesterday I had some things to do so I went downstairs to potter about when they were in the bath.
Afterwards I wondered if I was being irresponsible by doing this? I could hear them splashing about and was not far from them or anything...

So, at what age is it o.k. to leave them alone in the bath?

BloodySmartarse Tue 26-Aug-08 08:16:27

i leave my 5, 4, and 2yo ds's in together while i do stuff.
i feel v ok about it or i wouldnt do it.

GooseyLoosey Tue 26-Aug-08 08:17:03

If they are together, I would leave them alone now. I have left mine for a few minutes at a time (always in earshot) since they were 3 and 4.

izzybiz Tue 26-Aug-08 08:18:40

I leave Dd to play in the bath (I can hear her and call to her every now and again) She is 4.

bozza Tue 26-Aug-08 08:19:20

Mine are 7 and 4 and I regularly leave them in the bath together. I am usually upstairs but not always eg might nip downstairs to set recorder up for my programmes or get a drink.

mankyscotslass Tue 26-Aug-08 08:19:45

I tend to leave ds for a few minutes in the bath while I potter around clearing up upstairs. I don't go downstairs, and I leave the bathroom door open, But I would never hear him downstairs as the walls are very thick! DS is 6.
I have horrible memories of my mum making me sing in the bath so she knew I was ok, even when I was a teeanager! shock.

scattyspice Tue 26-Aug-08 08:19:51

I imagine they'd be fine at that age. I'm sure they know which is the hot tap (and not to turn int on) and can get themselves out of the bath if need be. (You might have some mopping up to do though if mine are anything to go by lol).

We live in a bungalow so mine can sit in the bath while I potter as I can hear everything! I probably started nipping out the room at about 3.

3andnomore Tue 26-Aug-08 08:22:41

phew...seems to be acceptable enough then
When they bath it means having to mop up plenty of water anyway, lol....part of bath time isn't it

[relieved emoticon, that she is not doing something unreasonable]

miomaolalalalala Tue 26-Aug-08 10:06:10

my 4yr and 18mo always share a bath and the little one gets out first. the bigger one thinks its a treat to be left in for a bit longer (all the toys to himself) i make sure the taps are tightly closed and theres no radio etc on and i shout every few minutes. hes very sensible and the bath has a full length mat in it. i'm always pottering nearby anyway.

Lemontart Tue 26-Aug-08 10:14:20

My two are similar age and are fine in the bath. Clear rules and boundaries, they mess around and the plug comes out. Very simple

cheesychips Tue 26-Aug-08 10:20:11

Mine are 5.5 and 3.5 and I leave them in the bath together for a few minutes at a time. Always in earshot. Sometimes as a treat my daughter 5.5 gets to have a bath on her own whilst I read to my son She adores it and is uber sensible (square!)

sweetgrapes Tue 26-Aug-08 10:54:26

Mine are 2 and 7. Don't go downstairs but just do odd jobs in the bedrooms and pop my head round the door every now and then. My 7 yr dd has sn and may do something silly. She's been fine but I'm not comfortable leaving them upstairs in the bath.

MascaraOHara Tue 26-Aug-08 11:09:44

my dd is 6 and I can't remember when I started leaving her.. initially it was just for a minute or two but now it's for most of the time she's in there.. I tend to use the time to hang clothes away etc so I'm within earshot and we generally chatter through the walls

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Tue 26-Aug-08 11:11:50

i leave my nearly five year old alone in the bath while i get dd2 out and dried and into bed sometimes but i always stay upstairs with her and talk to her.

3andnomore Tue 26-Aug-08 21:38:07

phew...really thought I might be unreasonable...
so glad I put it in here, rather unreasonable section, lol....

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