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8mo getting nightmares?

(2 Posts)
Naetha Mon 25-Aug-08 21:25:26

My 8mo fell down the stairs the other day, for which I am very blush.

I took him to hospital, got him checked out and he was all fine (to be honest he seemed absolutely fine 10 minutes after, but better to be safe etc).

However, since then, although he's been absolutely great during the day (no difference), he's been waking up in tears about 20 minutes after going to sleep, whether it's a nap, or at night time.

COuld this be linked to the fall? Could he be having nightmares about it? He very rarely wakes up crying, but he's been absolutely bawling his eyes out.

Stefka Tue 26-Aug-08 09:44:33

My DS will often wake up a little while after he is put to sleep and be very upset. I think it is because he wants to still be asleep and is really tired. I don't think 20 mins would be enough time for him to have a dream but I am not sure. Also I think at that age they start to get a bit of separation anxiety too so it could be that.

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