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Moving to London...

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jenweber630 Thu 17-Feb-05 00:29:51


So, my husband just received a promotion and transfer to work in London. We live in Seattle, WA at the moment. I have a 2 month old son who will be 5 months when we move (early May) and am looking for advice. We will likely be living in the north of London - does anyone have any recommendations of a more family oriented neighborhood to live in? Where to purchase new/used child items? Any thoughts on good parent support groups? Recommendations on how best to travel with such a young child on a plane? Any advice is welcome! Thank you!

august24 Thu 17-Feb-05 00:45:05

Just heading back to the USA from London. Feel free to contact me through the contact another talker feature. We live in North London, in Crouch End(part of the burrough of haringey) and love it! It has so much for kids, one great thing about London is that a lot of the activities are drop in, unlike in the USA where you have to pay in advance for a group of classes. Great swimming classes, infant massage music, etc! It is very late and I am off to bed, but please get in touch I would love to pass on some tips!

Davros Fri 18-Feb-05 17:48:13

There is a big expat community around here (Hampstead NW3), many of them American. You could contact the Hampstead Women's Club, also has members from other local parts like Highgate, Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Golder Green etc.

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