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I love my Beco, I do, oh Beco I love you

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Lastyearsmodel Wed 20-Aug-08 16:48:12

For anyone thinking of getting a Beco Butterfly soft structured carrier, mine arrived this morning and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I just love it!

I agonised over the decision, ordered an AngelPack and a Beco to compare and the Beco wins hands down.

Really well made, so comfy for me and ds (5mo), just a brilliant hybrid between a soft carrier and a sturdy outdoorsy piece of kit. Will try it with 2yo dd tonight.

My only regret is not all the beautiful fabrics are available in the UK (yet?) and anyway I had to get the plain brown for DH's sake. Sarah at has been very helpful.

They're not cheap (£70) but then I'm upgrading from old BabyBjorn I got off Ebay for £6, so I figure I deserve it.

Yay, I can carry my baby in comfort again!

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