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Calling July/August 2004 babies!!! How is everyone doing??

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oliveoil Wed 16-Feb-05 10:16:01

I have been deprived of my computer for a while and want to know how everyone is getting on. dd2 is nearly 6 months and is good as gold finally, until Christmas it was a nightmare, awake every couple of hours, I was shouting all the time at her and dd1 and basically felt like a crap mum.

Feel good now though and hopefully this sleeping thing will last - she goes from 6.30pm till 7 or 8ish, hurrah. My eyebags have nearly gone.


PS am in computer in library with dd2 cooing in the pram but if the mood swings I may have to leave.

sweetkitty Wed 16-Feb-05 13:19:27

hi oliveoil glad to see you

we are all over in the postnatal clubs now (we were moved took me ages to find it again) under July/August 2004

As for me I'm fine DD nearly 7 months don't know how it happened hard some days but most of the time an utter joy.

take care and hope to see you soon

jessicasmummy Wed 16-Feb-05 13:26:12

dd is also nearly 7 months and i have had the worst week with her! Best nights sleep ever last night though, went down at 5.45pm, woke at 10.15pm for feed and then not til 6am for feed. then was down til i heard her "playing" in her cot at 8.30am!!! i think its teeth - still none but cant wait for the first to arrive - any hints on how to cope with it out there??!

littlerach Wed 16-Feb-05 13:49:04

Hi, OO good to hear from you. DD2 is doing fine, still unsettled at night, but slowly getting better. Had really bad night on Tues and thought I would go crazy yesterday but I am still here!!!

JM, are you all packed??

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