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Argh help, 11 mo just banged head

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BalloonSlayer Mon 18-Aug-08 13:08:25

I put 11 mo DS2 into one of those things you strap on to a normal chair today for the first time ever for any of my DCs.

Like the complete bloody fool twat and MORON I am, I didn't even think that he might push against the table with his legs and the whole chair, baby and all would go over backwards. Which is what happened.

He definitely banged his head on the hard floor. And from a considerable height, although maybe the fall was broken a bit by sliding down the wall a little? Needless to say I was not watching [bad mother emoticon]

There is no bump and apart from the tears at the time he seems fine, alert, is eating his lunch etc.

How can this be?

I can't help thinking there must be some hidden damage.

Help panic guilt aargh I want to start crying.

FioFio Mon 18-Aug-08 13:10:39

Message withdrawn

Shannaratiger Mon 18-Aug-08 13:12:58

Ballonslayer, we've all done things like this, don't feel guilty. Babies seem to have very tough heads, if you're at all worried phone nhs direct, they were really nice when ds slipped and banged his head in the bath.

Morloth Mon 18-Aug-08 13:38:36

Skulls are EXTREMELY thick and strong, I wouldn't worry about it, if he seems fine then he is.

I always think its a relief when they scream, the few times DS has been really sick/hurt he hasn't screamed, he has gone all quite - THAT freaks me out. Anyone who can scream and yell can't be too hurt IMO.

BalloonSlayer Mon 18-Aug-08 14:06:50

Thank you guys. He is having a nap now, so
I am on tenterhooks (what if he doesn't wake up!!). But once he's up I shall be able to see whether he is ok or not. I know what to look out for I think - drowsiness, sickness, unusual weakness etc. I won't let him sleep too long. (My neice once knocked herself out cold and when she came to, my sister put her to bed to sleep it off hmm)

It's the worst crash-bang-wallop any of my DCs have had . . . so far, and I feel very shakey.

Also I feel so stupid . . . but it isn't about me so I need to get over myself.

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