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Do you think mum's would be interested in a drama class?

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Stefka Sun 17-Aug-08 11:50:13

I was thinking of contacting the council to see if I could set up some kind of community project where mum's could do drama classes and maybe work towards some kind of performance. My idea was to run the session in the day time and to have a creche available. Do you think people would be interested in something like that?

FoiledAgain Sun 17-Aug-08 12:05:57

I don't know. I have never heard of Mums drama classes before, which either means there is a gap in the market waiting to be filled, or that there is no market for it.

I'm personally not convinced you would get much of a take-up as mothers with small children are probably more focussed on activities for their children.

Also - what sort of performance would you have in mind? You have to be pretty confident and keen on drama already to sign up to sometihng like this I reckon, as an adult.

DisenchantedPlusBump Sun 17-Aug-08 12:07:57

Like learning techniques such as 'how to keep a calm expression when you want to strangle your kids'

Stefka Sun 17-Aug-08 12:16:30

Could be anything that people wanted to work on. A text piece or a devised piece. Devised might be better because then people can be as involved as much as they feel comfortable. I was thinking it would give mum's something to do for themselves. Drama is good for building confidence too.

You are right though - not ever heard of it being done before so perhaps it's a no go.

Othersideofthechannel Sun 17-Aug-08 15:44:17

I used to love drama and it made such a difference to my self confidence when I was a teenage. I would have loved the opportunity to do that while someone looked after my baby.

rachw1 Sun 17-Aug-08 17:29:17

I think it sounds like a great idea - a lot of people enjoy drama, perhaps did some at school or university and a barrier to doing a class is often childcare. If you provide a creche so the mums know they can go and see to their baby if they need to during the class it will be less of a difficulty for people to get there.

Do you have a local arts or community centre who might be willing to help you get this started? They are often keen to hear ideas people have and may even know how you can get some funding etc.

Stefka Sun 17-Aug-08 23:19:51

I am not sure what, if anything, is available. I am happy to give my time for free but obviously I would need some money for a place and the creche so no idea if it is something the council would be interested in or not. Think I will give them a call and see what they say.

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