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Toddler hates shopping!!

(11 Posts)
lozzawoo Tue 15-Feb-05 00:21:44

My little boy always screams when u enter any shops and stops when u come out even with food shopping, clothes etc... help needed

sparklymieow Tue 15-Feb-05 00:25:32

my Dd2 did this too, for a while, she hated going into any sort of shop, its passes, don't worry!!

lozzawoo Tue 15-Feb-05 00:26:59

I hope so

sparklymieow Tue 15-Feb-05 00:29:16

how old is he? DD did it for about the age of 2, i think it was the lights and noise

lozzawoo Tue 15-Feb-05 00:31:13

He is two but has done this for nearly a year now and dont know why so when it comes to shopping I have to grin and bare it.

sparklymieow Tue 15-Feb-05 00:31:58

I had to grin and bear it too, its horrible isn't it, everyone looks at you.

lozzawoo Tue 15-Feb-05 00:33:06

I know that is the worse bit and if u dont see to them people think u r being awful

sparklymieow Tue 15-Feb-05 00:36:17

i have to go to bed, I will think about how dealt with it, and post tomorrow

lozzawoo Tue 15-Feb-05 00:37:31

great thanks.

kimbie Tue 15-Feb-05 21:10:24

When mine was 2ish she used to do that, in the end i went armed with boxes of rasins and carrot sticks bread sticks etc.... hope that helps it worked 4 me.

toomanypushchairs Tue 15-Feb-05 21:59:32

Raisins are a good one! If you buy the small individual boxes it takes them ages to get them all out as they get stuck in the bottom. Mine have always done it in marks and spencers,the last time some old lady told me no children like M&S

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