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Keeping a toddler entertained while mum recovers from illness

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knittingmama Thu 14-Aug-08 16:38:18

I posted this over in the health section- thought I might get some different responses here!

I've just been discharged from hospital- got struck by a viral infection that has made me really ill. Feeling very dizzy/exhausted/in pain. I have managed to get childcare for 3 days/week (excluding weekends) but will have my 17 month old for two days on my own. May take several weeks to get back to normal.

Any advice on....
- Toys, activities, things to keep her busy? (Calm and quiet)
- Survival strategies, ways to get rest?
- Any general advice and support for those of you who've been there....

Thanks everyone! Any advice appreciated. I don't know how to be a mum on a sofa...

x Exhausted Knittingmama x

taliac Thu 14-Aug-08 16:45:08

[whispers] cBeebies... cuddle up, she watches, you sleep.


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