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DD watching adult content on Youtube - advice needed

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muffinmonster Wed 13-Aug-08 12:33:24

DD turned 11 last month. She goes on the internet mainly to play in Club Penguin and sometimes goes on Youtube as well. I wasn't very happy about this but have kept an eye on it and she mainly looks at harmless stuff like Harry Potter puppets, music videos, and clips from TV shows (e.g. I'd Do Anything). However, I had a look at her browsing history this morning and found she's been looking at some really dodgy stuff. I had only a quick look as was getting ready to leave the house, but it seems she went from streakers to nude college babes to (wait for it) 'Gay Skinheads f*ing to explode'. I'm reasonably sure she didnt' seek this stuff out, but probably followed links which took her downhill pretty fast.

I had lifted some of the controls on her account to save me having to come and enter my password every time she wanted to visit a new website, but have put them all back on, plus some more! My first reaction was to give her a severe telling off but I haven't said anything to her yet.

So now some questions:

(a) How should I tackle this with her? Now that I've thought it over, I don't want to go way over the top. It's natural that she should be curious, but she can't appreciate that pursuing her curiosity online could take her to some very dark places.

(b) Is 11 way too young to be looking at Youtube?

(c) Do you supervise your children's internet access? Our computer is in the loft so I can't keep an eye on her all the timebut I could make it a rule that she uses only the laptop so that she can be in the same room as me. (I think I could even disable the internet browser for her on the main computer.)


Seuss Wed 13-Aug-08 13:13:35

I have an 8yr old computer boy who keeps sneaking onto youtube. he has his own account that is severly restricted but manages to sneak on ours if we pop to the toilet or answer the door. We have learn't to be careful but it is surprising how quickly he can get onto things! Obviously 8 is far too young but 11 seems quite young for a lot of youtube content too. I don't think I'd tell her off - like you say it is just natural curiousity - but I think you need to explain that she is too young to look at whatever she wants. I think if you have a laptop that would be ideal to have her in the same room as she could have a bit more freedom but you could keep an eye.

My son has ASD and goes for all the really slapstick stuff which he then tries to re-create!

muffinmonster Wed 13-Aug-08 14:28:02

Thanks, Seuss. Good point about your son sneaking onto your account - my DS (8) does that too. DH and I will need to change our passwords!

LOL at your DS looking for slapstick inspiration!

TwoToTango Wed 13-Aug-08 15:21:14

What is a youtube account, how do you set one up?

solo Wed 13-Aug-08 15:29:14

I found my Ds at 9yo had put himself on youtube talking all street about smoking(he's anti). I was horrified and sat him down to explain the dangers of doing such like, telling him about paedophiles and nasty people that may be watching him on there. I removed the video of him and he volutarily closed his account down, though he can still view youtube and anything on it. He likes the music on there mostly anyway.
I'm not sure what you can do to stop your Dd, but talking to her would be a good start IMO.

Tortington Wed 13-Aug-08 15:35:11

theres some close to the knuckle stuff on you tube - but not sex.

i think consiering all the kerfuffle about internet safety and child porn /grooming - it would seem easily the best solution for her to use laptop wehre you can view.

if i were you i would learn how to put passwords on your computers - i can't do it on a normal computer but someone must know how - and i have put one on my laptop - its fairly easy if you look for it.

the other thing you can do is go into google settigs - you can filter the search engine not to bring up stuff with adult content.

get your self a net nanny

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