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How do you stop child falling out of bed

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NoseyHelen Tue 12-Aug-08 23:03:27

My 23 month old has just progressed to a bed (the bed part of her cot bed). The first few nights were great but the last 4 nights she has fallen out several times each night e.g. twice already this evening, and been quite upset.

Is there a way to stop this happening, without resorting to a bed guard which seems to me to defeat the object somewhat?

I feel I can't sleep at the moment in case I miss the 'bump in the night' which is not ideal with baby #2 due next week.

JackieNo Tue 12-Aug-08 23:05:35

You could try putting the duvet on sideways and tucking it right under, iyswim. Might hold her in better?

JackieNo Tue 12-Aug-08 23:06:18

Although we just had a bed guard for the first few months. ONce they're used to it, you can remove it.

NoseyHelen Tue 12-Aug-08 23:08:37

The sideways duvet is a good idea. I'd just tucked it in lengthways but it's only a few inches wider than the bed so not holding her in. If she falls out again tonight I'll rearrange the duvet.

Mamazon Tue 12-Aug-08 23:10:12

i used to put a pillow beside mine and then tuck the duvet in.
it acted as a kind of buffer.

ChasingSquirrels Tue 12-Aug-08 23:11:41

I did that with the duvet with ds1, more because there was too much of it otherwise - but had the added bonus of keeping him in a bit.
Just converted ds2's tonight - after he climbed out this morning, yesterday morning and 4 times the night before that. Hoping he stays in it in the night.

harpomarx Tue 12-Aug-08 23:16:22

if she's fallen out that many times, I would use a bed guard till she's a bit older. otherwise she might get a bit anxious about the whole bed thing iyswim.

dd(4) actually slept with me in a big double until fairly recently. When she went in a single at other people's houses I used to put a chair and pillows up against the bed as she seemed to have no sense of where the end of the bed was and did fall out occasionally.

gagarin Tue 12-Aug-08 23:44:44

mattress on the floor is best

Lubyloo Tue 12-Aug-08 23:49:26

Duvet sideways works really well as other postrs have said. Or you could roll a blanket up and put it under the mattress edge so that it tilts back slightly towards the wall. I also put DD's old cot mattress on the floor so she has a soft landing.

NoseyHelen Wed 13-Aug-08 10:35:43

Well, I tried the sidfeways duvet last night and she cam out 2 more times

DD's bed isn't against the wall and I'm, reluctant to put the bed against the wall (or use a guard) because I don't think she'll learn not to roll out - we're just storing up a future problem.

I just don't understand why she stayed in fine the first few nights and is now getting worse. I think she came out 4-5 times last night.

titchy Wed 13-Aug-08 10:48:26

23 months is still quite young for a proper bed. I would definatley use a bed guard (or two if bed isn't against the wall). Be prepared to use it for a couple of years - but don't worry, you're not storing up problems for later. (Almost like saying you won't use nappies becuase it stops them learning how to be potty trained). All kids learn not to fall out of bed at night!

Othersideofthechannel Wed 13-Aug-08 10:53:02

DD came out of a cot aged 19 months. We didn't stop her trying to fall out of bed but we made the landing as soft as possible. She never really got hurt from falling out of bed just woke up a bit shocked. Her first bed was pretty low off the ground anyhow.

sitdownpleasegeorge Wed 13-Aug-08 10:56:00

I despaired about ds learning not to fall out of bed but he hasn't fallen out for about a year now. They somehow just do eventually learn and until then a bed against the wall plus one bed guard is safest or you could try a large flat double/king size bed sheet (under the duvet) tucked securely in before you put the duvet on each night.

SummatAnNowt Wed 13-Aug-08 12:36:24

I had a bed guard, I can assure you I don't need one now! wink

ds had a bed guard. More important to have a relaxing time in bed and a good nights sleep! He used to be all over the bed when he was younger. He stays pretty much in the same place now so the guard is not necessary.

lauraloola Wed 13-Aug-08 15:12:27

this page These look great - The duvet is attached by a zip to the sheet which prevents rolling out.

gladders Wed 13-Aug-08 15:40:15

bed guard definitely - we used one for 6 months and then dropped it on return from holiday and he has never fallen out.

DaisySteiner Wed 13-Aug-08 15:45:12

I think some/most children have bed guards when they first go into a bed and I don't know any adults who use one! (Actually, that's not quite true, I have one on my bed blush but that's for ds's benefit, not mine grin)

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