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DS 10months hates me when anyone else is around

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SalBow Mon 11-Aug-08 09:47:59

Hello ladies, sorry this is a long rant.
This weekend I've been fighting back tears and I'm struggling to remain impartial about this. My DS hates me when anyone, DH or my family, are around. He shoves me away and just chases after them if they go in another room and screeches if I pick him up.
I've seen other posts on this subject, saying that this is quite normal, but these other posts were all for 2/3 year olds? Haven't seen any others relating to babies this age.
I'm a SAHM and DH is here evenings and weekends. He's great with DS and constantly plays with him and holds him, but this just makes me feel inadequate because I can't possibly be as much fun as I have DS all day during the week and have to do other things rather than just play with him all the time.
I feel like i have to do all the unpopular tasks which are a struggle, frequent nightwakings (still BF), mealtimes etc. My parents don't help because they give in to whatever DS wants (i.e. taking him out of his highchair to eat, cos he complains about being in it). DS is VERY strongwilled (spirited in Baby Whisperer talk) and I'm also worried that all this giving in to him everytime he has a little whinge is going to create a monster. So I'm the disciplinarian aswell, it's no wonder he hates me!
Aargh, help me get this into perspective so I can stop sulking and behave like an adult!

Ripeberry Mon 11-Aug-08 09:53:06

Who does your DS run to when he bumps his knee and needs comforting?
I'm a SAHM and once DH comes home he is the best thing since sliced bread, but if they hurt themselves they will come to me first.
Kids are always swapping and changing their minds, they just want to know that everyone loves them even if they are being a pain.

JuneBugJen Mon 11-Aug-08 09:56:27

my dd seemed to 'hate' me as well as a young baby.

she used to 'absail' off me, resisting hugs and was totally in love with dh. I carried on breastfeeding her longer than i probably would have done as it was the only time she would allow me to cuddle her.

now she is 4 she is still not massively into cuddles but is really starting to enjoy my company as we play fantastic barbie games together. dh will always be 1st in her heart tho.

Have 10month ds now who is just the cuddliest thing ever and beams whenever I come in the room. So I know that it is not that I am the worlds most unloveable mother, its just that my dd was just 'not that into me' for the first couple of year. BUT, it so much better now!!!! Take heart. At some point you will click together, I'm sure.

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