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Walkers etc for small baby

(12 Posts)
LuckySalem Sun 10-Aug-08 10:30:10

DD is nearly 7 months and wants to walk everywhere (grabs your hands and starts walking off) and if i'm not quick enough she either has a breakdown or whacks her face on the floor.

I got her a walker when she was born to grow into. Problem is she's not tall enough to reach the floor. Does anyone have any ideas?

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Sun 10-Aug-08 10:33:21

Thought you were talking crisps!

I take it you've looked to see if the walker height can be adjusted?

Erm.... other than that, no, no ideas (both of the boys just used the furniture to grab on to till they started walking properly)

LuckySalem Sun 10-Aug-08 10:34:53

Yeh it can be adjusted but its still not low enough.
She wants to use the furniture but she hasn't got the balance and relies on us to keep her upright. She's got the leg movements right but her balance is spectacularly rubbish!! lol (which it should be at 7 months - she's just trying to go ahead of herself)

cornsilk Sun 10-Aug-08 10:35:04

Was also hoping for a feeding crisps to the baby thread.

LuckySalem Sun 10-Aug-08 10:35:24

Sorry to upset cornsilk.

cornsilk Sun 10-Aug-08 10:36:34

You could still start one.

LuckySalem Sun 10-Aug-08 10:37:58

To ask if she can have one?! lol

kennythekangaroo Sun 10-Aug-08 10:56:29

My DD still can't use her walker and she's 1.

She is however very successful with a Tomy pushalong thing. It's quite stable with a wide base but will only go in straight lines. She's had a wheelybug for her birthday and is now mastering corners.

LuckySalem Sun 10-Aug-08 11:17:32

We've got a pushalong thing upstairs but I was worried that it'd go quicker than her legs and she'd end up on her face. IYKWIM

cupcake78 Sun 10-Aug-08 13:03:03

All I can do is sympathise.

DS is 10mths and is so frustrated all he wants to do is walk or stand. He will not crawl, is too tall for a walker! (he's gona be a big un). Will not pull himself up on things and will not hold onto anything other than me or DH without screaming and shaking. The minute he sits he cries or screams. He can walk for 15-20 mins (with help) but then cried cos his legs get so tired he can't do it anymore, but still refuses to sit!! So he just cries and screams at the moment.

I am only being honest when I tell you he is driving me insane!!! I have a constant headache and its utterly exhausting. The day he can walk is the day I will be crying....with reliefsad

LuckySalem Sun 10-Aug-08 13:07:05

Aww cupcake... That sounds horrid. I really hope he can get walking soon for you.

LuckySalem Sun 10-Aug-08 13:28:04

I'm so happy grin I've managed to loosen the seat part that she sits in enough for her to reach the floor. grin
She can now go backwards and sideways but hasn't figured forwards. Her face is a picture though!!

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