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Anyone's kids still awake?

(7 Posts)
SPARKLER1 Sat 12-Feb-05 21:42:38

What a bad parent! Dds are still wandering around downstairs, wide awake. They always get away with this in the school holidays. I should be more strict!

Yorkiegirl Sat 12-Feb-05 21:43:07

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Sat 12-Feb-05 21:43:12

No, thank goodness! She is cutting the last of her molars and feeling a bit ropey. She went right down tonight.

SPARKLER1 Sat 12-Feb-05 21:45:27

I don't let them get away with this on a school night. No way! My two should be tired. They had a late night last night, up early and been to two birthday parties today. Perhaps it's all the E numbers from the party food!!! Ah well, here's hoping for a lie in tomorrow morning. Yeh right!!

rickman Sat 12-Feb-05 21:46:01

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Sat 12-Feb-05 21:55:20

Mine are all asleep now, went up about an hour ago which is late for them really.

They are all dosed up with medised as they have far so good.

lucy1979 Wed 16-Mar-05 15:12:52

my ds is 10months old and i have no routine whatsoever! earliest he sleeps is 8 but can be anything up to 11! i'm a bad mum!

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