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Feeling guilt ridden, Ds (2) sat staring at TV again as I have no energy whatsoever.....tell me if I am just a selfish bad mother or if others feel like this!

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willweeversell Tue 05-Aug-08 09:30:57

Have posted a seperate thread under health. Basically am anaemic and underactive thyrid and possible crohns disease/colitis.

My energy levels have been slowly getting less and less and now I just want to spend 24/7 in bed. have always tried really really hard to make an effort with Ds, taking him out, swimming, park, butterfly farm etc etc!! Last few weeks can barely drag myself out of bed and yesterday just laid on sofa all day long under a blanket, hence ds spent ALL DAY watching tv.Am now feeling guilty on top of everything else, that he is going to damage his eyesight or develop autism or something. What do other people do when they are feeling like this? Am worried about the effect on Ds if I don't perk up a bit.

I am actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow as although thats a major effort at least my DS can go to nursery which is tv free, and I can prop myself up against my desk with a bit of peace and quiet.

Tell me, am i am BAD MUM [sigh]

wahwah Tue 05-Aug-08 09:36:26

I hope you really don't think that serious health problems impacting on your energy levels make you a bad mum. I can only comment from the perspective of the odd day with a viral infection, but puzzles, bricks, books etc supplement tv well. Sounds to me as if you need more support and even a bit of time off work...

LittleMyDancingForJoy Tue 05-Aug-08 09:39:08

You are not a bad mum! You are a mum doing her best under really difficult circumstances.

A day or two of telly won't harm DS, we do it when someone's ill/pregnant/tired/had enough and so do lots and lots of other people!

Give yourself a break - sounds like you make huge efforts to give your DS an interesting life, you're allowed to opt out occasionally.

Hope your health problems are being dealt with well by your health professionals smile

willweeversell Tue 05-Aug-08 09:43:45

Thanks Wahwah.

If it was someone else posting this i would not think they are a bad mum, but i seem to find it hard accepting that I am not able t get on with things.

Probably could do with some time off work but work is easier than home- god that must sound awful!! At least at work i get a bit of adult company and get to control the pace of my day to some extent. At home Ds is obviously wanting me ALL DAY LONG, he is an only child and doesn't play alone really. he has also gotten to the "NO" stage and is physically quite strong so the dasy is a physical battle now not just psychological.

Thanks for the moral support!

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