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6 week old baby poo - 2 different sorts in nappy - any idea?

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looneytune Tue 05-Aug-08 08:40:15

My 6 week old ds2 is breastfed (although now had 2 small bottles of EBM) and most of the time his poos are the usual bright yellow mustard colour and quite runny but sometimes he has bits of darker colour which are thicker and I'm not sure what this is about. Sometimes it's all in one place and other times it's like bits of powery lumps around (hard to explain).

I wouldn't be so bothered but he's definitely suffering with something and has done since he was 9/10 days old. It's possible silent reflux but still trying to work it out.

I've got our 6 week post natal check with the GP today but I'm asking you lovely people first because I don't have much faith in the GPs most of the time.

Any ideas?

wishingchair Tue 05-Aug-08 10:28:45

My DD1 was always typical yellow breast fed baby poo with an almost runny but grainy texture. DD2 was often bright green explosive and slimy. Also breast fed. I put it down to fact that DD2 was an extremely speedy feeder so I think she didn't always get enough of the hind milk and it therefore just raced through her system. So guess what I'm saying is that eventhough you'd imagine the poo to always be the same since they're only having your milk, it will be affected by how fast they drink it and also by what you've eaten.

I'd mention it to your GP, but the health visitor is likely to be of more help to you.

BTW my DD2 was obviously suffering with something. She'd feed then go to sleep then maybe 30-60 mins later would wake up tense and screaming. I also thought silent reflux. I took her to a cranial oesteopath ... don't know if that was what did the trick or she was about to grow out of it anyway, but she was noticeably better afterwards.

looneytune Wed 06-Aug-08 11:31:40

Thanks for that. Funny you should mention Cranial Osteopath, he's been twice now and she thinks it will really help and even the GP yesterday said that it's great for reflux problems and she said to try this out a bit longer before she prescribes infant gaviscon. I'm so embarrassed to say that I forgot to mention the 2 poos blush. Will ask HV.


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