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How do you entertain...

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woodmill100 Mon 04-Aug-08 09:15:53

A 5 week old? Might be a silly question and may be there is nothing I can do but he's awake from around 6 am until 10 pm with just a couple of very short powernaps during the day. Is there anything I can do with him to try and tire him out a bit? He likes to be held lots but I don't want to shove him in a sling and forget about him for 12 hours either!

SpandexIsMyEnemy Mon 04-Aug-08 09:17:13

what ever your doing and he's watching will be entertaining him tbh.

juuule Mon 04-Aug-08 09:22:21

Why would you forget about him if you put him in a sling? It's not like you'd forget he was there, is it?

pointydog Mon 04-Aug-08 09:33:57

I remember feeling exactly the same with my first baby - what do I do with her all day? Drove me nuts.

The best thing is to try to organise as many activities as possible for yourself - trip to shops, visit a friend, baby/toddler groups, go to library etc etc. If you are entertained and doing something, then the baby is normally entertained too.

DancingMamaWithBabes Mon 04-Aug-08 11:17:01

Make the most of it, that's what I say!
Really, they get so much from the most 'simple' things so as already mentioned, go and do the things you want to do

Seeline Mon 04-Aug-08 11:21:05

I think a good walk everyday - either in the buggy or sling is great. The fresh air often tires them out. I used to talk to mine all the time pointing out diifernt coloured flowers, cats, dogs cars buses - I must have been known as the neighbourhood nutter blush

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