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My two year old just laughs and shouts 'No'

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PipsyPops Sun 03-Aug-08 16:00:57

Hiya, any advice for dealing with a two year old who laughs when I say no. He's started to kick me when I change his nappies. He laughs and says 'No' with every kick.

I know it sounds funny, but it's infuriating. And I can't do what I'd usually do which is ignore or distract especially if I'm in the middle of a dirty nappy change.

He's also starting to mess about at nap time. Never had a problem until this week. Now he jumps down on the mattress laughing and crashing into the sides of the cot. I'm doing everything you're supposed to - not showing a reaction and I just go in every half hour and try to tuck him in again. It's now 3pm and he's finally given up and gone to sleep after 2hours in his cot. Thing is I need to get him up now or he won't sleep tonight.

Any advice for dealing with this latest challenge. Many thanks

Weegle Sun 03-Aug-08 16:04:24

The nappy thing I would just get on with TBH. No eye contact and ignore once he's put on the floor.

Naps thing - sound like he could be dropping it?

I don't have any tips but will be watching this thread with interest as my almost 2 year old is exactly the same and she drives me up the wall most days now.

HonoriaGlossop Sun 03-Aug-08 19:59:53

swap over to pull up nappies - I found it so much easier to let him stand up at this age - no way would he lay down happily; it would either have been hysterics, or peskiness like the kicking you describe!

Sounds like he is not wanting that daytime nap now, to me. I found with ds he just wouldn't have it at this age. i changed the routine around so that if I had to go out, I'd do it after lunch and he would sleep in the car for a bit. It just helped him stay a bit happier till bedtime. Really he still needed at least a bit of a nap but he just wouldn't, unless in car or buggy.

What I found at this age with ds was that basically they want to play, all the time. Make as much as possible into a game...basically, they WILL play their games, eg the nappy time kicking; so IMO it's best to take charge and play games with them that still get the job done, but are acceptable to you as well!

funnypeculiar Sun 03-Aug-08 20:09:25

Agree with HonoriaGlossop on the nap - sounds like time to cut back on the nap - short naps and/or every other day. Does make for a more stressful bedtime for a bit though.

No stuff sounds like standard 2 yo smile - sorry

lazaroulovesleggings Sun 03-Aug-08 20:11:20

This sounds familiar. I can hear my dh right now saying to ds2 'stop jumping on that' 'lie down' 'put your nappy back on'

ds1 was like this too, but he is more co-operative now

dinkystinky Mon 04-Aug-08 10:41:58

Sounds like standard 2 year old stuff - I generally give my 2 year old DS something to distract him (book/toy etc) while nappy changing - could you try that? Sounds like he's ready to drop/shorten his lunchtime nap - just let him have some quiet time instead and see how it goes.

If he is just not listening to you when you tell him to stop kicking/hurting you when you change his nappies, maybe time to start the naughty step/corner?

superflybaby Mon 04-Aug-08 16:45:56

I have a 2.2 yo I have been through this recently and for me it drove me INSANE. Not wistfully funny insane, but properly I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE insane.

BUT. The problem went away eventually, after a couple of months. The kicking lessended & the horrible fraught should-be-napping-time settled into nice long naps & at a more predicatble time of 1pm. grin

With the nappy change thing I sat back, thought of something else & breathed deeply before gathering the energey to rugby tackle her to the floor and get the nappy change over and done with ASAP, taking any kicks with a Is-That-The-Best-You-Can-Do? attitude.

With the naps I think I had given up when one days she just slept, for longer than she ever had done before and then most days since then she has done the same.

There is hope!

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