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Ideas please

(8 Posts)
Saacsmum Thu 10-Feb-05 03:34:24

I wasnt sure where to post this so hopefully this is the right place. DS has now grown out of all the smaller sizes. DH for some reason (probably the fact that he didnt carry, then deliver and then get up several times a night ds) wants to have another baby in the future (the distant future!) Whats the best way to store the clothes? I was thinking vaccuum packs, or should we just start over and give them away? What have other people done, oh no just thought may have to store lullaby (rocking bassinet for inside cot), carry cot, carseat...arrg!

pinkwhistle Thu 10-Feb-05 05:54:32

Oh yes, keep everything! unless it's something you either never used or don't really like.
I know too many women who gave all their baby stuff away and then fell pregnant unexpectedly and had to start all over again - it's too expensive!!!

Vacuum packs would probably be good. I just bundled everything into big bags and put them in the top of the cupboard! Do you have much storage space for the carseat and carry cot etc? It really is a lot to outlay again for a 2nd baby, when you have paid for it once already. Assuming they are in good condition, KEEP 'EM!

Now that dh has had a vasectomy I have got rid of everything! Except the first few tiny outfits and a pair of first shoes...can't part with them.

Ameriscot2005 Thu 10-Feb-05 05:56:53

We used to keep everything in suitcases in the attic. Moved onto bin bags when we run out of suitcases. Everything was fine - nothing perished.

Keep everything!

nailpolish Thu 10-Feb-05 07:45:17

i only kept the stuff i really liked (clothes that is, and blankets and stuff) - vacuum packs are the best for that i think.

i just kept the moses basket wrapped in black bin bags and strong tape in the loft. i have lent it out to people too - i didnt like the thought of it up there not being used. they are so expensive and i hated the idea, so its been used by lots of relatives babies now.

JanH Thu 10-Feb-05 09:17:19

Agree with the vacuum pack suggestion - I used sellotaped carrier bags, the vac packs would be much more secure and take up less space. Do be sure everything has been washed first though - if you've any doubt about anything wash it again!

Bozza Thu 10-Feb-05 09:29:57

I kept it all after DS but am now giving stuff away after DD. Obviously this includes mountains of boys clothes that I now do not need. I stored it all in huggies nappy boxes in the loft. They don't make them any more but I have two baby nephews that I have given the baby boy clothes to and refilled the boxes with baby girl clothes until I find a candidate for them. Kept everything else in loft too - travel system, travel cot, cot, bouncy chair, door bouncer etc. Threw away one or two things, changing mat, steriliser, baby towels. But that was not a big outlay for baby no 2 because steriliser bought on ebay for £2.50.

lunavix Thu 10-Feb-05 09:33:16

I got two of the vacuum seal storage bags for ds (they're big and about £7 for two from argos). They're already full - with only his clothes from newborn to 6-9 months Argos also do a pack of two beige canvas bags, which we put the vacuum bags in, because then once they're stored under the bed they look really tidy.

His carseat, rocking cradle, and everything else is just piling up in the spare room - the only way I got dp to agree to having a second fairly soon is by agreeing to keep it all and use it again!

Bozza Thu 10-Feb-05 10:04:31

Yes lunavix I had a major sort out of baby clothes - getting the boys up to 6 months out, putting the girls up to 6 months in the loft, getting out girls 9 -12 months hand-me-downs, sorting through the boys 6-12 months to see if there is anything suitable for DD (white t-shirts, vests, bibs, baby gros, denim dungarees etc), and putting some boys 3yo stuff away. I felt like I was drowning in baby clothes.

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