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Amber necklaces for teething - do they work?

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RubiMama Thu 31-Jul-08 09:18:07

That's it really... anyone got any expriences to share?

rachelgreen Thu 31-Jul-08 21:44:14

hi Rubi, I don't know about the amber necklace (I've just googled it and seems expensive? - $50 on the site I saw), but have just checked your profile and see that your LO is 5mo. - Is it because your LO is getting distrcated now during feeding? - if that's the case I found a jingleboobs necklace was a good distraction and it cost me under £10 on the internet. DS liked playing with the beads and hearing the noises and it generally got me through more feeds than I would have managed without it once the world became more interesting. HTH.

Couple of links, but if you google jingle boobs if interested in them, there are a few sites that sell them.

RubiMama Fri 01-Aug-08 08:31:47

Thanks rachel, jingleboobs look great! Actually just did a feed with DS who has been very distracted feeder since 3mo, and wore a long dangly necklace I'd mae it worked a treat, no bobbing on and off to check out what he was missing out on!
I was interested in Amber necklaces to help him with teething, I'd always thought the baby wore it round their neck and had a chew to relieve frustration - duh, not very safe. But now I've found out that Amber is supposed to release some aura that calms them down, I know sounds weird, but I've seen them in a few natural baby type hops and wonderd if they really worked. DS is nearly 6 mo and cutting two teeth, v grizzly....

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