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OMG give me some hints am a new full time SAHM ...

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twofishes Wed 30-Jul-08 20:50:42

I KNOW I should be grateful for spending all this precious time with my kids blush, but my DP also thinks I am now his PA (rings from work to ask me to type letters, check things out on internet, book taxis 'when I get a minute') and expects the house to be gorgeous (lots of mutterings under his breath about socks, meals and toys everywhere..angry) to cut a long story short was a part time SAHM until last week when I was made redundant, full time SAHM'ing has conincided with the school hols..I need tips on amusing a 6yr old, nearly 3 yr old and a 18mth old on a budget and dealing with the change in relatioships with the other half too!

Also how do you stay sane without the usual network of school runs, toddler goups , preschool ( all of that starts in September when I will probably still be a SAHM unless I get a part time job that makes it financially worthwhile leaving the house!)

I live in rural setting, have about £15 p/week to spend on 'extras' after food (plants, paper , trips outs , extra petrol etc)
Also my DC's have finished with their brillaint CM so they are feeling it too I think

Don't want to start a debate on SAHMs and all that ....

twofishes Wed 30-Jul-08 20:51:14

that should be 'paints/crafts stuff ' not 'plants' by the way blush

gybegirl Wed 30-Jul-08 21:02:26

Find a local play park and go there a lot - we go rain hail or shine. You'll meet some mums there and can say hello the first time and have a longer chat the next time you recognise them - plus it's free. Saying hello to an adult is essential grin. On the DP front, give him all the children for one whole saturday or sunday, plus the meals etc. That should make him realise you're not spending your time lounging on your sofa eating biscuits!

jollydo Wed 30-Jul-08 21:03:10

It is harder in holidays with usual activities cancelled - are there any (cheap) activities at local leisure centres or parks? I know our leisure centre do a bouncy castle session once a week in school holidays (£1 per child), and the country park do some things, though maybe a bit more expensive.
Garden centres with playgrounds/animals to look at? (we spend a whole afternoon at ours though it has a playground too - ds1 likes to go in and out of sheds/conservatories and look at fish in pond, animals and fish inside etc. then visit cafe. They do free/cheap children's activities in hols too though we've never tried them).
Paddling pool in garden? Picnic at local park? Playing at friends houses for adult company to keep you sane!!

As for the tidying up, I am NO HELP and I only have 2 children not 3!! I can only suggest making sure you leave your dp with all 3 children one day at the weekend and let him realise how hard it is to entertain them AND keep the house tidy smile.

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