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Should I wait until she starts school???

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I am starting a college course in September, which is a year long. DD2 is 22 months, (DD1 being 5 and already at school). DH is currently unemployed and has been out of work for a while. We've decided that he would be at home with dd2 while I go to college. The course is for a year, depending on how well I do I will either get a full time job at the end of it, or if I do really well go to uni and do a degree (which is what I want to do). If I do go to uni I well get a part time job to support us as well.

I was at home all the way through with dd1. I feel guilty because I won't be at home with dd2, even though she'll be with her dad. I know I'm being irrational as lots of mums go to work, I just feel terribly guilty and that I should wait until she starts school in 3 years.


hercules1 Wed 30-Jul-08 18:38:50

Why on earth do both of you need to be at home? Of course you should go to college now and aim for at least one of you too get a job.

hercules1 Wed 30-Jul-08 18:39:05

to not too

llareggub Wed 30-Jul-08 18:40:52

I can appreciate your guilt, I think we all feel guilty about our choices. However I agree with what hercules1 said.

No of course we don't both need to be at home. If I weren't going to college DH would be getting a job. It's better for me to do this college course as I can earn more after it's done. DH can only earn minimum wage.

hercules1 Wed 30-Jul-08 18:55:12

Surely you've answered your own question then. Go and do the college course.

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