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Probably done before..but ds going to birthday party for first time, I'm anxious about party "ettiquette"

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columbolover Wed 30-Jul-08 11:50:37

Ds 18mo, has been invited to a party in a couple of weeks. It is for a girl who goes to same CM. She will be 5.

Is ds actually too young to be going? am now wondering if he was asked out of politeness!

How much do I spend on present..and what do 5 yr old girls like? Am thinking glittery / crafty stuff maybe?

It is in a local hall. I'm a bit shy as I won't know anybody and feel I should take DH along for moral support blush. But don't know if people do this, should I just go myself with ds and hope other mums are chatty?

God knows why I'm getting worked up, ds is a sociable soul and am sure he will love it, hopefully, but am worried it will be too "old" for him, don't know yet if there will be anyone his age there.

Advice and reassurance please! Thanks smile

HumphreyPillow Wed 30-Jul-08 11:54:35

Don't panic! grin

He's been invited because they want him there.

Crafty things for present sounds good.

Take your DH along too if it will help you feel more confident.

Just tell him he's not allowed to skid along on the hall floor, as he'll ruin the knees of his trousers. grin

Just see how your DS goes - if it's all a bit much for him, just stay a while and then make your excuses.

I'm sure he'll have a lovely time. smile

sagacious Wed 30-Jul-08 11:57:07

Glittery crafty stuff always a winner, I usually spend between £5 and £10

As your DS is so little you'll be keeping him amused most of the time and its doubtful how much actual party interaction with the birthday girl there would be (unless she's one of those who ADORES babies .. and 18 months is a gorgeous age smile so its probably a little bit to do with that
I wouldn't take your DH (more likely to put people off (2 people create scary united front to other shy people) chatting to you TBH)

Big smile and you'll be fine (take it from me who posted a similar OP a couple of years ago!)

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