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what groups do you go to?

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fredtbad Wed 09-Feb-05 16:42:07

We have done tumbletots, but until ds starts walking the classes for ds and dd are too close together for them to have lunch.
dd goes to a dance class on saturdays and we do playgroup on wednesdays mornings and monday afternoons.
I've heard of piccolo, anyone know about this one. What else do you go to?
they have better social lives than me

fredtbad Wed 09-Feb-05 18:56:18


SoupDragon Wed 09-Feb-05 19:03:33

Used to do Tumbletots and now all I do is swimming with DS2 (nearly 4) which we've done since he was 4 months old and bl££dy football with DS1 (nearly 6). I hate football.

fredtbad Wed 09-Feb-05 19:06:20

have the tumbletots fees gone up recently? i've just been to their website and one session is 4.75!! i'm sure it was less than this

Tommy Wed 09-Feb-05 19:08:09

We do 2 Parent & Toddler groups, swimming and music On Mondays, when DS1 is at pre-school and DS2 has his nap, I sit and have a coffee and read the paper - no time the rest of the week.
Also meet up with first time Mums group on Weds afternoon

SoupDragon Wed 09-Feb-05 19:08:52

I only ever did TT with DS1 - DS2 is a traditional Neglected Subsequent Child. £4.75 seems steep for what I remember getting at a session.

SoupDragon Wed 09-Feb-05 19:09:36

Oh, I help run a mother and toddler group too so DS2 goes there as well.

nutcracker Wed 09-Feb-05 19:10:02

I want to take Ds to tumble tots and havce emailed them 4 times to ask about availability for the classes by me and they don't reply

Skribble Wed 09-Feb-05 19:13:29

I have no social life my freinds are really just the mums at dance school that DD goes to.

We went to the mums and toddlers but I didn't really fit in, I tryed helping with a new toddler group that was starting up but I ended up feeling a total outcast. DD went to play group for a while but only as a stop gap until she got nursery place when 3.

DD went to pre school gymnastics and loved it still goes after school now. Places in main town are always rare so we went to a village one run by the same people.

Meeting up with the mums while DD is in dance is best fun I have all week. The school has a cafe so first day I just plonked my self at their table and looked really interested in the conversation. I found that really hard, I've never found it easy chating to other Mums.

I don't know why, at work I talk to everyone there is new staff every place I work and I have to stand up and talk to groups of up to 50 staff I've never met before, I'm confident crack jokes have great conversations but as a Mum I am so quite and shy people just think I'm rude. So I really had to make an effort at dance .

mishi1977 Wed 09-Feb-05 19:14:35

used to take ds to gymbabes..small tumble
also go to a indoor soft play every thurs and a tots group on a fri
am looking into swimming groups at the min and i go to another tots on a wed

Skribble Wed 09-Feb-05 19:15:10

I've just re read my post and I sound a right sad case . Its not that bad .

Skribble Wed 09-Feb-05 19:17:15

The soft play near us does a toddlers "club" with reduced rates a couple of mornings. There are quite a few regulars and they all seem to chat, free juice and I think tea for Mums/Dads.

maisystar Wed 09-Feb-05 19:18:35

ds is 4 and we go to toddler group(they do a singing bit) once a week and to story time at the library every week. he loves both and i am dreading sept when he starts school and won't be able to go anymore.

mishi1977 Wed 09-Feb-05 19:20:12

skribble thats what our soft play is parents get free cuppa and tots get juice..always see same people generally and its £1.95...fantastic as ds runs around like a nut for 2

Skribble Wed 09-Feb-05 19:37:58

I've started taking them after school as they do 2hrs for £1.75 and good meals for £1.99.

Amanda3266 Wed 09-Feb-05 19:44:37

We go to "Music with Mummy" classes. They are great fun. Check out

Can't do the link thing as I am a half wit when it comes to technical matters.


Prufrock Wed 09-Feb-05 21:26:56

Toddler group Wed am, Mucky pups Thurs am, Cookies Thurs pm, Ballet Fri am. DS is 2.9

Moomina Wed 09-Feb-05 21:32:06

Tumbletots on a Monday, Rhymetime at the library on a Friday and should be starting Musical Minis soon (hopefully in the middle of the week!) Love Tumbletots although I agree it is a bit pricey.

WestCountryLass Wed 09-Feb-05 21:33:53

We go to trampolining, swimming, playgroup and music Tues - Fri, Mondays we just chill. DS does go to pre-school of an afternoon as well and we do go to softplay and such like as well.

moondog Wed 09-Feb-05 21:42:05

Don't go to anything (either in Turkey or Wales)
Can't be arsed to make polite conversation. Much prefer being at home or out on my own with my children or having the occasional friend around.
I've come to the conclusion that really small children like having their mother to themselves.

Lonelymum Wed 09-Feb-05 21:52:13

Nothing with the little one but the older ones do swimming, cubs, beavers, and ballet (not all of them doing all of those things, you know what I mean)
Think Tumbletots and so on benefit the parents more than the child although my childminder used to take my dd to a music group which she loved. I couldn't be bothered to go though.

snafu Wed 09-Feb-05 21:54:35

Why do you think it benefits the parents more than the child, lm? My ds adores Tumbletots but it's certainly not my idea of a great social occasion!

Lonelymum Wed 09-Feb-05 21:59:04

Well, I am sure the children like it, but I am not sure it makes them any better at whatever it is they are doing IYSWIM. Eg, my dd enjoyed her music group and was quite good at it apparently, but I don't think it made her more muscical than she really is. Equally, mine have never been to Tumbletots (so yes you can say I don't know what I am talking about!) but my ds3 is more physical than most boys his age.

Most parents I know of seem to go to these groups because they want to get out and about and possibly meet other people (which is fine).

SPARKLER1 Wed 09-Feb-05 22:03:41

Used to go to groups every day - but now dd is at pre-school two and a half days a week. Now we go to Parent and Toddler group Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. I help to set the rooms up for both and help clear up. Was left to run the Thursday afternoon group once when the other two ladies were away. Really enjoyed it.

jollymum Wed 09-Feb-05 22:07:35


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