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what age to start sleepovers

(8 Posts)
crazedupmom Mon 28-Jul-08 23:39:28

I am thinking of having one my ds's mates from school on a sleepover during the holidays.
They are both 7 and I am now wondering if 7 is perhaps still a bit young for this.
What do others think, do you think 7 is too young for sleepovers.
Will my ds's friends mum think I am crazy for suggesting it.

zaphod Tue 29-Jul-08 00:55:09

No, I don't think it's too young. Ds3 who is 6 is currently on a sleepover. I think it depends a lot on the individual child though.

katiepotatie Tue 29-Jul-08 00:58:40

If all the children involved are happy to be away from home then it should be fine.

juuule Tue 29-Jul-08 08:24:49

Depends on the child and depends on the parents.

I have a rough rule of no sleepovers until secondary school age unless a birthday/special occasion/relative and I know the parents.

MamaG Tue 29-Jul-08 08:33:50

My DD is 9 next week and had her first one on Friday

fruitful Tue 29-Jul-08 12:28:13

Would it be up to the mate's mum to decide if her ds is ready? It's easier to be the one having a friend to stay than to be the one sleeping somewhere else.

One of my friends (and her dd) is keen for my dd to go on a sleepover. I don't think my dd (6) is ready - she still wakes in the night and wants me! Plus after an afternoon & evening with said friend her behaviour goes off the planet so heaven knows what she'd be like after a whole night.

seeker Tue 29-Jul-08 12:33:12

Ds did his first at 4 and had a fab time. I still have to pick dd up at midnight 70% of the time and she's 12!

LollipopViolet Tue 29-Jul-08 20:06:26

As others have said, I think it depends on the child. From my perspective (ie: not a parent)I think there are a few things to consider. The first is obviously if the other child and their parents are comfortable with them being away from home. Another is, does your child turn into a tornado of hyperactivity when said friend is about? And also, are you prepared for the aftermath if all goes well? With this I'm talking about (possibly, as said I can only go on my experiences here) an over-tired child, or worse, 2 over-tired children.

I only started going on sleepovers at 11, and after 2 or 3 my mum put her foot down and said, "no more". Why? Because I never slept at them, and I was (still am!) awful when I've not had enough sleep. blush

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