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sorry totally off topic here but soundproofing? does it work??

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sunshine185 Mon 28-Jul-08 18:29:31


i've also posted this on DIY but wondered if anyone here has any experience?

above our bedroom is our neighbours living/kitchen room, hardwood floors and every step is like a hammer through our heads esp at night as she's a night owl and is quite social so lots of guests walking around! we can also hear her tv, music, chatting...

anyway, we are thinking of getting our ceiling soundproofed, it's very pricey... but just wondered if anyone has experience of soundproofing and IF IT WORKS??? in particular reducing down or eliminating the sound of walking??

we're parents to a 26 month old with another on the way in a few months, so this would improve our sanity!!


Umlellala Tue 29-Jul-08 07:48:56

Our upstairs flat has a soundproofed (raised) wooden floor ( think prev owners were party animals smile) and as far as I know it works quite well. Neighbours didn't realise we'd brought our wailing newborn home (although they do notice dd being a jumping frog at 6am blush!)

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