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Where to get baby books/ keepsake boxes

(11 Posts)
AlbertaWildRose Mon 28-Jul-08 14:19:17

I'm looking to get a nice baby book or keepsake box for baby number 2, due in January. We got a lovely book/box for DS from my mum, but she bought it in Canada and now I'm looking for one here. I don't want it to be really expensive or too cheesey; does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

TooTicky Mon 28-Jul-08 14:24:56

My dp does keepsake boxes with photo/text/anything smile

TooTicky Mon 28-Jul-08 14:26:05


TooTicky Mon 28-Jul-08 14:26:58

No, here

AlbertaWildRose Mon 28-Jul-08 14:27:02

Sorry, TooTicky, the link didn't work. Can you try again? I'm very curious!

AlbertaWildRose Mon 28-Jul-08 14:27:28

Oops. x-post. The 2nd one worked.

AlbertaWildRose Mon 28-Jul-08 14:28:35

Those are very nice!

TheMadHouse Mon 28-Jul-08 14:28:52

Tooticky - thats lovley - anything larger?

I would like one each for my boys, but not to have to replace or get more, as it get full

TooTicky Mon 28-Jul-08 14:29:51

Don't know what I did wrong the first time smile

TooTicky Mon 28-Jul-08 14:30:24

I can ask him when he gets back - he's just popped out.

TooTicky Mon 28-Jul-08 16:05:31

Nothing bigger at present but he will do research. Watch this space smile

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