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Meeting Other Mums

(6 Posts)
eilidhfi Mon 28-Jul-08 11:03:14

I'm going to take DD to baby massage for the first time this afternoon and I'm ridiculously nervous! I know I'm being very stupid but I'm scared no one will talk to me blush. I'm 22 but look about 14 and all through my pregnancy I got dirty looks wherever I went, presumably because people think I'm much younger than I am (or people in my area hate pregnant women?!). It never bothered me but now I have to go and meet people and I'm worried they'll think the same!

Please tell me I'm being stupid and I'll be fine once we get there!

TeaDr1nker Mon 28-Jul-08 11:06:11

No your not being stupid - your a new mum who feels nervous. Totally reasonable to me. How old is DD? How long is the course for? You may meet some lovely people - or you may not. Either way, keep doing activites with LO. Remember, the other people at baby massage will probably be feeling the same as you. Enjoy grin

eilidhfi Mon 28-Jul-08 11:12:34

Thanks TeaDr1nker!She's 12weeks. I think I can keep taking her till she's 6 months.

To be honest I'm quite happy with the friends I have, childless though they may be! But I think it will be good for DD to be around other babies.

ummadam Mon 28-Jul-08 18:40:46

How did it go?
I'm really shy and always feel totally inadequate around other mums but once I got into going to the few mum/baby things we do I really enjoyed them.

eilidhfi Tue 29-Jul-08 11:54:24

err... I didn't go blush but only cos I had to do other stuff! We're definitely going next week though. Definitely. I've decided that it doesn't matter if I don't really get on with the other mum's, I'm just going to enjoy learning something new with my lo and if we make some friends then that's great. Easier said than done maybe

ummadam Tue 29-Jul-08 12:07:13

don't feel bad, I had a few 'false starts' too (he is too tired, I'm too busy, it is too hot etc etc) Baby massage is a really good thing to do (I do baby signing for similar reasons) because it is structured and you are actively involved in doing something rather than having to be in a room and make small baby talk to people you don't know.

We've just got back from our sign group and had a lovely time with the other mums and babies that we know fairly well now. We still don't tend to socialise away from the group but it's not daunting anymore and we go every week even if he is tired, we're busy, its bad weather etc as I know we are both better for the break/company.

Good luck for next week

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