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quick question!!!

(24 Posts)
copingvquietly Sun 27-Jul-08 15:51:53

can i give j egg? hes 8 months


foxythesnowfox Sun 27-Jul-08 15:53:45

I think so. the key is to make sure it is properly cooked - no runny bits.

girlandboy Sun 27-Jul-08 15:54:17

Solid egg - yes
Runny egg - no, not yet

copingvquietly Sun 27-Jul-08 15:54:53

<legs it to the kitchen>

SofiaAmes Sun 27-Jul-08 16:18:14

NO!!! You should not give egg to a child before 12 months especially if there is any history of food allergy in the family. There is a chance of allergy to the white (I think rather than yolk). My dd had an allergic reaction (hives all over her body) to egg at 8 months when dh decided I was exaggerating and fed some (only a few bites) to her. Kids generally outgrow the allergy (I think it's to do with maturing ability to process it) and in dd's case she was happily eating egg by the time she was two.

The allergy aspect is nothing to do with runny or not runny. The latter is a salmonella issue, which is relevant at any age.

copingvquietly Sun 27-Jul-08 16:23:39

oh fuck hes already eaten some
shit.what can i do

Pheebe Sun 27-Jul-08 16:27:24


Not all babes have a problem with egg. You'll know quite quickly if he has and then you can deal with it.

The advice has changed in recent years re eggs. Used to be 6 months, now its a year. So long as you have no history of food allergies or atopy in the family he should be fine smile

copingvquietly Sun 27-Jul-08 16:31:35

oh myfucking god.ive got no idea about his 'fathers' side but i have.fuck.

ok what can happen please

Pheebe Sun 27-Jul-08 16:34:33


TBH he'll probably still be fine.

Keep an eye on him for a rash for the next few hours.

I gave DS2 egg at 6 months cos I forgot the new advice and he has excema. He was absolutely fine with it.

copingvquietly Sun 27-Jul-08 16:39:16

just a rash then yes?
am trying not to panic honest

uptomyeyes Sun 27-Jul-08 16:43:22

Yep, I also gave all three of mine egg before the age of 1 because I was totally unaware that the rules had changed. They were fine - and we do have a history of allergy in the family (not egg though - hence me being blissfully unaware). It would be unfortunate if J was allergic to it. just look for a rash on his skin - usually around the mouth and lips initially. TBH if he was going to have a bad reaction it probably would have happened by now. Also he may have runny nappies as it goes through him - not the end of the world - just watch him in this heat for dehydration if it does upset his tummy.

copingvquietly Sun 27-Jul-08 16:45:30

ok thankyou.he had it half hour you think hes ok yes?

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Sun 27-Jul-08 16:48:16

oh mine had egg before one too! i was unaware and thought that hard egg was fine and it was only runny egg they could have before one? oops. anyway both are fine and happy and lived through thier egg traumas so am sure you will be just fine.

was it egg and tomato sarnies with mayo? my lo loved that about 8 months. she still does actually.

my nephew has a slight allergy to eggs, they give him dirroreh and he gets a blotchy rash on his face, but it goes down after and hour or so and he is fine.

Pheebe Sun 27-Jul-08 16:48:21

Yes agree, if it was going to happen it would probably have appeared already. keep an eye til bedtime

Pheebe Sun 27-Jul-08 16:49:39

{{{{{copingvquietyl}}}}} for not coping very quietly smile

copingvquietly Sun 27-Jul-08 16:49:55

ok well ill just keep an eye on his arse then<sigh>

maybe those nappies will come in useful after allhmm

copingvquietly Sun 27-Jul-08 16:51:27

thankyou pheebe all hugs gratfully received.although feel like i need a slapshock

Pheebe Sun 27-Jul-08 16:51:47

<<<pulls up a chair to join in the arse watch with coping>>>

<<<hands over a peg just in case>>>

Pheebe Sun 27-Jul-08 16:52:40

No slap needed. Its natural to worry, you're a mum, life is one big worry now smile

copingvquietly Sun 27-Jul-08 16:57:13

why is it not a day can go by in this house without something fucking upblush

right pheebe i hope youve brought snacks.we could be in for a waithmm

SofiaAmes Sun 27-Jul-08 19:47:46

oh gosh...sorry to cause such a panic. I posted and then took the kids to swimming lessons. As everyone else said, Don't Panic. Generally if they react they'll get a hives rash and it's easily calmed with Piriton or Claritin. However, just because there was no reaction first time, doesn't mean that you can carry on giving the child egg. You really should wait until 12 months for egg (and strawberries and kiwi and shellfish) and 2 or 3 years for peanuts.

copingvquietly Sun 27-Jul-08 20:27:56

its ok,he seems to be finesmile

foxythesnowfox Sun 27-Jul-08 20:48:32

yes, I was just coming back to say keep Piriton or Clarytin in the cupboard. Piriton tends to make mine drowsey, but Clarytin is non-drowsy. Check the ages though, I can't remember if they are suitable from 6 or 12 months.

I think it was Nigella who gave her kids their first peanut butter sandwich whilst waiting in the doctors surgery. I actually think that's not a bad idea grin

lucyellensmum Sun 27-Jul-08 20:50:06

glad all is well coping. I would not give any more egg just yet though, although it is HIGHLY unlikely he is going to react. An allergy usually manifests itself on the second exposure. But are they really not allowed egg so young because of this?? I fed my DD egg from, well, i can;t remember when. Is this a new thing?

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