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Football match with 7month old?

(21 Posts)
LuckySalem Fri 25-Jul-08 10:15:11

DP really wants to go watch everton at a friendly. We could send DD to my mum's but he'd love to take her.

If we went in the family stand do you think she'd be ok to go? She seems to like it on the TV and DP has it really loud when the footie is on.

Be honest.

bluenosesaint Fri 25-Jul-08 12:15:39

Well, i'm not going to tell you what to do but yes, it is loud ... very loud! And there's a fair amount of jostling and pushing too.

Does she mind loud noise?

I can't see how she would enjoy it tbh i think it sounds like its more for your dp than your dd. In your shoes i would send dd to your mums - that way your dp can shout and swear to his hearts content wink

Great choice in footie team btw grin

LuckySalem Fri 25-Jul-08 14:08:45

bluenose - It is definatly more for DP.
She doesn't seem to mind loud noises. We've had alsorts going on out here - police cars with sirens going etc.

I expressed the worry about pushing but he seems to think that the family area will be fine for her.

I'm quite happy to send her to mum's and go with him but he wants the whole family to go as we don't do much together (this is following on from a recent argument we've had where I said we don't do much as a family lol)

kitkat9 Fri 25-Jul-08 14:12:44

We took our dd to a football match when she was about 9 months old and she was terrified - she's no stranger to loud noises either. Every time the crowd cheered she was getting terrible frights and freaking out! I ended up hanging around outside with her and waiting for it to end.

This was an American 'soccer' match, btw, so not even that big a crowd. I didn't want to go (hate footie!) but it was a dh work day out thing - complete waste of time! So, no, I wouldn't take her.

LuckySalem Fri 25-Jul-08 14:15:22

Thanks kitkat - Experiences from other babies will be easier to explain to him! lol

ceebee74 Fri 25-Jul-08 14:23:32

I wouldn't personally - how are you planning on holding her for the full 90 minutes? DS, at that age, would not have sat on our laps for 9 minutes, let alone 90 - although your DD may be a baby who is happy to sit still for long periods just looking around (oh how I wish I had one of those smile. I am not sure you will enjoy it if you are having to keep her entertained.

I also think DS (now 2) would be spooked by all the people, noise etc and he is not a sensitive boy by any stretch of the imagination.

LuckySalem Fri 25-Jul-08 14:34:57

Cheers ceebee - she would be shared between the 2 of us to hold but I understand your point.

superloopy Fri 25-Jul-08 14:47:17

We took DD to a game at Anfield when she was about 2yo and she fell asleep in my arms just before half time!
She kept me nice and warm like a hot water bottle!

aideesmum Fri 25-Jul-08 15:15:11

Some football grounds wont allow children under school age. NFFC is one of them if this is the friendly match you are talking about tonight?

LuckySalem Fri 25-Jul-08 15:27:24

No its a few weeks away - when she will be seven months old. She's currently 6 months 1 week and 2 days.

LuckySalem Fri 25-Jul-08 20:41:31

Just doing a quick bump so I can see what the evening crowd think

oi Fri 25-Jul-08 20:46:19

you need to check if the ground allows them. A lot of football grounds won't allow babes in arms.

Errm as for a 7 month old liking it? err well I'm not sure she'll be able to express a preference. It's loud, like so loud you need to shout or speak directly in someone's ear to hear and she won't get anything out of it. Tbh, I'd send her to your mums.

It's one of those things where you think it's a really good idea at the time but in about 5 years time, when she can actually go and watch and enjoy it, you'll think 'why did I want to take her as a baby!'.

LuckySalem Fri 25-Jul-08 20:52:34

I don't know if the grounds will take her but i've just managed to persuade DP that taking her when she's older will be better. So she's going to my mum's now.

Thanks for the input everyone.

oi Fri 25-Jul-08 20:53:36

ah good well done. Lovely that dh is so enthusiastic.

Tell him to check when their training day is. You can take the kids down to the ground, meet the mascots etc. She'll still be too young wink but the noise won't be there and he can them be proud daddy and take her round the ground!

oi Fri 25-Jul-08 20:53:55

then be not them be

LuckySalem Fri 25-Jul-08 20:56:37

If he can take her round the grounds I don't think he'd care about being proud daddy!! lol. He'd be too interested in the fact he's in goodison lol grin

whatdayisit Fri 25-Jul-08 20:57:59

I took DS1 to a football match when he was c. 6 months old and he burst into tears every time anyone shouted - he wasn't generally upset by noise, but found the aggression v. scary. There were no logistical issues though - the club and the other fans were pleased to see him, but it was a lower league game (although a largish crowd in a small ground IYSWIM, so still v. crowded).

Before I had DC's I went to a play-off final at Wembley. The man next to me had a baby with him, who fell asleep a few minutes into the game, on his lap, so he couldn't jump up when everyone else did. I think he regretted taking her, he didn't see much of the game. smile

LuckySalem Fri 25-Jul-08 20:58:51

Aww bless him

geordieminx Fri 25-Jul-08 21:26:01

When they move into their new Tesco ground (that'll be the one in Kirkby not Liverpool) then you can go as a family - you can go and get the shopping and dp can watch the bitters game.

(Reds in this house) wink grin

LuckySalem Fri 25-Jul-08 21:27:05

Don't wanna talk to you then!!

DP works for Tesco at the moment so if they move he's trying to persuade the bosses to give out annual passes to all the employees!! LMAO

Elkat Sun 27-Jul-08 00:28:34

No I wouldn't. Don't think it is appropriate tbh. I would send your DD to your mum and enjoy the match alone.

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